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EBS White Picnic

31 July 2018 | By:
EBS White Picknick
What 60 people dressed in white were doing in front of the Kurhaus and how a Parisian trend came to Wiesbaden

You think you can only ‘dîner en blanc’ in Paris? As the song goes: anything Paris can do, Wiesbaden can do better! In June, EBS University hosted a cosy picnic on the bowling green of the Kurhaus, based on the popular “White Dinner” event format, and provided a variety of refreshments in high summer temperatures.

So why not bring a little Parisian flair to Wiesbaden? This is what employees of EBS Universität thought and so they organised a white picnic on the bowling green in front of the picturesque backdrop of the Kurhaus and its cascade fountain. At the popular event “Dîner en blanc”, people dressed in white meet for a mass picnic in well-known urban locations. “We want to show who we are in Wiesbaden and invite interested parties to get to know the EBS better,” says Prof. Dr. Julia Sander, Chancellor and Managing Director of EBS. “Wiesbaden has been an official university town since 2010 and we would like to come out and show that we are proud to belong to this city”.

And so, lured by chilled drinks and finger food, many people were curious enough to come to the long pavilion and strike up a conversation with EBS employees present. Of course, people not dressed in white were just as welcome to join the fun. “Up till now I only knew the EBS from the Rheingau, but not the Wiesbaden location. That’s why I came nearer when I saw the marquee”, says a lady from the Rheingau region. But also those interested in enrolling for the winter semester from September onwards came with their families to inquire about the possibilities of studying at the EBS. Applications for 2018 are still possible.

The effort was worthwhile: In the morning, an EBS team gave away 700 water bottles on the Dernschen site in the city centre, thus advertising this extraordinary event. In the end, about 60 picnickers joined us despite the heat. Not only the cold drinks served as refreshment: Some people also let their feet dangle in the fountain in front of the Kurhaus to find some respite from the very hot temperatures. The “Dîner en blanc” phenomenon has now also arrived in Wiesbaden. This is definitely only the beginning of a whole new trend!

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