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EBS Universität: New study programme Master in “Global Business Law” (LL.M.)

22 March 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
20190322_LLM Interview Weller
Interview with Prof. Michael Weller, Co-Director of the LL.M. programme

The new one-year Master of Laws in “Global Business Law” (LL.M.) at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht will start this autumn. Co-Director of the programme, Prof. Michael Weller, explains the characteristics and highlights of the programme.

Why was the LL.M. developed at EBS Universität?

Prof. Weller: EBS Universität combines the oldest private business school and the youngest law faculty in Germany with a large network of business enterprises and international law firms. We have noticed that the demand for lawyers with additional economic qualifications or business economists with an understanding for legal issues has risen sharply in recent years. With the introduction of the LL.M., we are responding specifically to the demand from the global economy for specialized employees. Further training and development is certainly the order of the day. In a globalised knowledge-based society, good education is the competitive driver.

Why should I take the LL.M. at the EBS Universität?

Prof. Weller: The LL.M. Programme offers insights not only into classical issues of global business law, but also into future topics of the digital age. The interdisciplinary approach provides students with a sound and comprehensive understanding of current problems. The students are familiarised with the economic and legal background of international acquisitions, mergers and takeovers as well as with the reasons and necessity for the regulation of banks and capital markets. Regulatory challenges of technological progress - especially in the field of digitalisation - as well as methods and possibilities of dispute settlement procedures (mediation) will continue to be the central focus. Students can expect a cleverly designed programme with a special feature: more than half of the lectures and seminars are given by full-time professors. We are thus able to guarantee a high academic standard. Other lecturers come from large law firms or similar enterprises so that we don’t lose sight of practice either. In addition, internationality is one of the most important aspects of studying at EBS Universität - we have always welcomed numerous exchange students to our university and, according to the plan, all our students spend a semester or trimester abroad. This internationality is also reflected in our English-language LL.M. programme, because intercultural skills, i.e. the ability to interact successfully with individuals from other cultures, are indispensable in our globalised world. Small numbers of course participants and learning groups reinforce this effect.

What are the specific contents of the programme?

Prof. Weller: The study programme has a modular structure. In the first semester, students gain insights into the key areas of Global Mergers & Acquisitions and Global Banking & Finance as well as European law and world trade law. In the second semester the modules are then Global Dispute Resolution and Global Digitalization & Mobility. What’s important is that we don’t think in silos, but that all the key points are closely interlinked, and that students acquire interdisciplinary skills and knowledge. In times of Brexit and Co. we are of course also observing current developments and incorporate these into our lectures and seminars. After all, we want our students to be at the cutting edge of developments.

Personal details:

Prof. Michael Weller has been Full Professor at EBS Universität since 1 December 2018, with a Chair in Banking and Capital Markets Law as well as International Business Law. He is also Co-Director of the LL.M. Programme Master in “Global Business Law” (LL.M.). Prior to this, he worked as a lawyer and partner at the international law firm Clifford Chance in Frankfurt am Main. In this position he represented German and international credit and financial institutions in international credit and capital market transactions and in their own organisation. His work on the company’s German and international Legal Opinion Committees was of highest academic excellence. In addition to his work as a lawyer, Prof. Weller has held teaching positions - since 2002 at the Institute for Law and Finance at Goethe University and since 2014 at EBS Universität - until he accepted a professorship at EBS Universität.

Further information about LL.M.-Programme Master in „Global Business Law“: www.ebs.edu/llm

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