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EBS Universität looks back at the second successful Mergers and Acquisitions Conference in the Kurhaus

2018-03-06 | By: Stefanie Teßner, Press and Public Relations Officer
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The EBS M&A Institute’s second annual conference took place in Wiesbaden’s Kurhaus last December. Participants from the M&A departments of companies, legal consultants and investment banking came together to discuss current developments in the field of M&A: Shareholder Activism, Political Intervention, Tech Trends & Investments as well as the topic Legal Tech.

The annual conference brings the German M&A scene together, picks up on current trends and sees itself as a platform for reflecting on legal and economic developments in the area of corporate transactions. The Institute’s directors, Professor Tim Florstedt, Dr. Klaus Marinius Hoenig, Professor Diane Robers and Professor Dirk Zetzsche were pleased to open the second annual conference of the M&A Institute in Wiesbaden’s Kurhaus.

“Legal, economic, organisational and social issues all come together in companies’ M&A activities. These challenges provide the appropriate backdrop for a specialist discussion between skilled practitioners and representatives from the fields of science and legislation”, according to Professor Zetzsche. In four top-class panels, the following current topics were discussed: Does Shareholder Activism lead to more management control or vaule destruction? What are the opportunities and risks of investment review, in particular in the light of the Foreign Trade and Payments Act and comparable regulations, for example, of the EU/USA? The third panel discussion focused on the topics Disruptive Technology and Investments in Start-ups. The final panel dealt with the use of technology during M&A transactions and the possibility of simplifyig, supporting or even replacing the activities of lawyers with software.

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