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22 February 2021 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
HNMUN 2021

f.l. Bente Bosman, Max Birkelbach, Anja Agrusow

A team of three students from EBS Universität participated in the 67th Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) conference from 11 February to 14 February as one of two German teams. HNMUN is organised annually by Harvard University in Boston and offers around 3,300 international students insights into the functioning of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations. Due to the Corona pandemic, the four-day event was held online for the first time.

EBS students Anja Agrusow, Max Birkelbach and Bente Bosman represented the West African state of Niger and the Cuban newspaper Granma as a delegation. In this role, they negotiated significant and current international crises and together found solutions to the world’s political, economic and social problems.

Since September 2020, the three students have been preparing for the HNMUN in weekly meetings under the guidance of Head Delegate Max Birkelbach. A central role played the preparation of the topics from the perspective of Niger as well as learning the specific guidelines of the Boston conference. “Thanks to some experience in United Nations simulations in the USA and the Netherlands, we were able to focus early on the implementation of our positions in the resolutions of the respective committees,” says Max Birkelbach, Head Delegate and Project Leader.

Once assigned, the students had to familiarise themselves with the positions of Niger and Granma in order to represent both at the four-day event. The team was divided into three groups - Legal Committee, Special Summit on Sustainable Development and Press Corps - which they visited on behalf of their institutions from day one and engaged in exchange, discussion and debate with many other international students.

Max Birkelbach further says: “The productive cooperation with students from all over the world was very enlightening and further strengthened our intercultural skills. In addition, further education in geopolitically pressing issues was the main focus of our participation.”

The aim of the HNMUN was to develop solutions for current global issues. For example, the Legal Committee dealt with Article 26 of the Declaration of Human Rights, the universal right to education. The Special Summit of Sustainable Development focused not only on the development of megacities but also on the development of rural countries. From the point of view of a country with a great interest in international cooperation and development, it was particularly interesting for the students to accompany and influence the debate and to have their positions incorporated into the final resolutions in association with other nations. All the results were presented to members of the United Nations at the closing ceremony.

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