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EBS Social Impact Salon with Micha Fritz

14 December 2021 | By: Violetta Sulzbach, Research Assistant Impact Institute
Micha Fritz

Social entrepreneur Micha Fritz was a guest at the second EBS Social Impact Salon.

Micha Fritz is a co-founder of Viva con Agua. As one of the best-known German social enterprises, Viva con Agua pursues the vision that all people should have access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation.

At the EBS Social Impact Salon, Micha Fritz talked about his new projects and the challenges of being a social entrepreneur. He was particularly keen to point out that there is no social “Unicorn” yet. He knows from his own experience that companies are more efficient in tackling social problems than donations. He sees the future of development aid in innovative social entrepreneurship. Micha called on the participants of the EBS Social Impact Salon to become active here.

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