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EBS Intern Views - Interview with Maria Bongartz

16 September 2019 | By: Melanie Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager

Our #EBSInternViews series provides insights into the internships our students have completed during their semester break. Maria Bongartz talks about her internship at the US law firm Latham & Watkins.

Why did you choose this company?

I made my first contact with Latham & Watkins during a visit to the EBS Law Congress career fair. The subsequent visit to an event at EBS Law School, in which a partner of Latham & Watkins reported on the client’s work and the advice provided on an IPO, strengthened my existing interest in capital market law and my interest in Latham & Watkins. With over 2,700 lawyers worldwide, Latham & Watkins is one of the world’s leading law firms. I decided to do an internship at Latham & Watkins because, in addition to the international orientation of the firm, I was also enthusiastic about the internship programme. The internship program enables advanced students to deep-dive into the day-to-day work of the law firm and to work together with clients. I was also very impressed by the firm’s, particularly strong pro bono engagement.

Could you describe your scope of activity to us?

I completed my 5-week internship in the Frankfurt Capital Markets team of Latham & Watkins. Latham & Watkins advises companies on their financing in the capital market. One of my tasks during my internship was to sift all necessary documents and to check that they were complete as regards the required content. In addition to the field of capital market law, I also worked on an owner control procedure with the BaFin and the Bundesbank (German Central Bank). It was incredibly exciting to be involved in the process and to participate in discussions with the clients. I was involved in client work from day one. Therefore, it not only enabled me to broaden my professional knowledge, but also to further develop the legal work techniques I had already learned.

Lessons learned?

In addition to specialist knowledge in capital market law and the related fields of law, I was able to gain insight into the day-to-day work of an international commercial law firm. I found the interdisciplinarity of the client work particularly rewarding. To work successfully with clients it is essential to seek discussions with lawyers from the various fields of law and practice groups concerned. Finally, the Summer Curriculum deserves special mention. Thanks to various interactive lectures, the Summer Curriculum provides both a deeper insight into the different fields on work in a law firm and into detailed key problems.

All in all, my time spent at Latham & Watkins was both exciting and instructive!

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