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EBS Impact: EBS professor advises Hessian legislator on the right of persons in full-time care to vote

24 September 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität

Professor Will as an expert for the Hessian electoral law reform.

The Hessian legislator plans an extensive legislative procedure in the Hessian Landtag and local election laws, after the Federal Constitutional Court, on 21.01.2019, declared the exclusion of persons in full-time care from the right to vote for unconstitutional (Az. 2 BvC 62/14). In addition, numerous further reforms of the right to vote are to be made.

The parliamentary groups in the Hessian state parliament introduced a total of three competing bills, which were discussed by the interior committee of the state parliament on 12 September 2019. The most important decisions on the content of a legislative project are usually made in the course of the committee’s deliberations, Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Will, Chair of Public Law at EBS Law School, is one of the experts who were asked to evaluate the project as part of the legislative process.

Professor Will’s statement can be found here.

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