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EBS Honorary Professor Dr. Andreas Dombret releases new book

11 August 2020 | By: Sangeeta Chauhan, Academic Manager

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret: “Stable banks in challenging times - Contributions of Andreas Dombret at Deutsche Bundesbank 2010-2018”

“What advanced economics need is not more finance, but better finance.” This is just one quote from one of the 47 speeches made during his time as a member of the Executive Board of the German Central Bank, which Dr. Andreas Dombret has brought together in this anthology, and reflects the quintessence of his eight-year tenure at the Central Bank.

The book is influenced by Dr. Dombret’s approach to regulation and supervision and centers on Basel III as he was deeply involved in this new regulatory reform package. However this book also equally reflects upon the important issue of the time like Brexit, Digitalization in Financial Sectors, Capital Market Union, Green Finance and Financial Literacy.

The chapters in the book are structured by topic, covering the financial and debt crisis, European supervision and regulation, regulation of banking sector, challenges and changes in the banking sector and the world economy and globalization. The speeches in the book not only reflect his deep economic knowledge but also his long practical experience.

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