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EBS experts: Prof Myriam Bechtoldt as guest speaker at the Bauer Pharma Symposium

16 May 2022 | By: Violetta Sulzbach, Research Assistant Impact Institute
Bauer Pharma Symposium

“Master games - Knowledge. Ability. Dare. How do people who differ socially or culturally succeed in living and working together?”

Myriam Bechtold, EBS Professor of Leadership, will be speaking at the Bauer Pharma Symposium on the topic of power. A decisive social good is called power. According to Max Weber, power is an opportunity to assert one’s own will within a social relationship, even in the face of opposition, regardless of what this opportunity is based on. Striving for power can be found everywhere: lobbyists in the health care system, company directors and managers in pharmaceutical/health care companies, or, for example, physicians vis-à-vis pharmacists, who aim for a higher valuation of their institution or professional group through claims to power. It is about elevation or subjugation and predators. Interactional power today is about questions like: should one show one’s power and assert oneself? As a manager, should one downplay one’s power and be more successful? Can an industry even be thriving without lobbying power? Is non-threatening or threatening the way to a successful deal? Does digitization lead to more or less power or new power constructions? Or does power tend to decrease?

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