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EBS experts: Prof. Karin Kreutzer on the topic of social entrepreneurs in the WDR podcast Neugier genügt

7 December 2020 | By: Katja Friedrichs , Research Assistant Social Business
Professor Karin Kreutzer

Karin Kreutzer

Many people want to eat healthily or reduce CO2 emissions. Why are social entrepreneurs still lone wolves?

Muhammed Yunus coined the term social entrepreneurship. In Germany, too, there are more and more entrepreneurs who want to solve social or ecological problems. In the issue Gute Geschäfte: Sozialunternehmer, Prof. Karin Kreutzer talks to Karin Lamsfuß about what social entrepreneurs have in common with Steve Jobs and Greta Thunberg, the difficulties they face when it comes to financing and why the public welfare economy is still a utopia.

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