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EBS experts: Prof. Karin Kreutzer on social entrepreneurship in Deutschlandfunk Kultur

12 January 2021 | By: Katja Friedrichs , Research Assistant Social Business
Kreutzer_Podcast Zeitgeist

How long have social enterprises been around and what do they need right now? Why we might need zebras instead of unicorns.

“Social impact as a business model - does that work?”, asks Wolf-Sören Treusch in the podcast ‘Zeitfragen’ from Deutschlandfunk Kultur. The number of social enterprises in Germany is steadily growing, although economic growth is not their main goal. In this detailed report, social entrepreneurs, network partners, investors, and Prof. Karin Kreutzer from the EBS Chair for Social Business contribute and speak about success and failure, innovative potential, and the difficult question of financing.

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Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship

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