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EBS experts: Prof. Julia Hartmann on the topic of transparency in the supply chain in the mdr podcast Wissen

4 January 2021 | By: Katja Friedrichs , Research Assistant Social Business
Portrait Professor Julia Hartmann

Our clothes have often traveled further than we have. Who made them - and under what conditions - is difficult to trace. What can we do as consumers?

In her podcast “My Challenge - I want fair trade,” mdr reporter Daniela Schmidt asks experts what we should look out for when shopping. It’s usually easy to reach for the milk shelf in the supermarket. But where does the milk come from, and is everyone in the supply chain paid fairly? Awareness of the impact of purchasing decisions is growing. Why is it still so difficult to consume fairly? Prof. Julia Hartmann reports on why a lack of transparency is a major problem and why we still encounter modern slavery in complex products’ supply chains.

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