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EBS Experts: Prof. Julia Hartmann on the new Supply Chain Act

9 June 2021 | By: Violetta Sulzbach, Research Assistant Impact Institute
Julia Hartmann_n-tv

Prof. Julia Hartmann as an expert on the Supply Chain Act at n-tv

The draft of the Supply Chain Act, which the German grand coalition presented after long negotiations, is the subject of controversial discussions in the media. For business representatives, the draft law goes too far, while human rights activists say it does not go far enough.

As an expert on sustainable supply chains, Prof. Julia Hartmann provides clarity on the actual scope of the draft law and classifies the possible effects in the global economic context. Several media outlets refer to Hartmann’s expertise.

In an interview with n-tv, she explains which measures will become mandatory for companies as a result of the Supply Chain Act and in which points the law will need to be tightened up in the future. Hartmann clarifies that initially only the introduction of a risk management system that identifies possible weak points in the supply chain is required.

Topic: Neues Lieferkettengesetz zieht Kritik nach sich // Date: 28. Mai 21 // View HERE

In the WDR 5 radio feature “Ausbeutung eingepreist” (exploitation priced in), she explains the dependence of the German economy on suppliers from regions where human rights are not rigorously applied, which make the introduction of the supply chain law indispensable.

Topic: Ausbeutung eingepreist - Der schwere Weg zu sauberen Lieferketten // Date: 09. Mai 2021 // View HERE

In the WDR 5 Profit podcast “Der schwere Weg zu sauberen Lieferketten” (the hard way to clean supply chains), Hartmann elaborates on the steps companies can take to make their procurement process more transparent in order to ensure compliance with existing law on the one hand and avoid supply bottlenecks on the other. A clean supply chain would thus become a competitive advantage.

Topic: Der schwere Weg zu sauberen Lieferketten // Date: 08. Mai 2021 // View HERE

In ZDFheute live, Hartmann discusses this very phenomenon using the raw material shortage caused by the Corona pandemic as an example.

Topic: Lieferengpässe: Warum kommt kein Material?// Date: 04. Juni 21 // View HERE

Hartmann was also a guest at FIAN Germany’s online seminar “Economic Perspectives on Supply Chain Law,” where her presentation explores the economic impact of ESG and sustainability initiatives.

Topic: Ökonomische Perspektiven auf das Lieferkettengesetz // Date: 26. April 2021 // View HERE

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