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EBS experts: Prof. Julia Hartmann on supply shortages at tagesschau24.

18 May 2022 | By: Violetta Sulzbach, Research Assistant Impact Institute
Julia Hartmann tagesschau 24

Hartmann shows how environmental risks and supply shortages affect the supply chains of German companies.

Julia Hartmann, Professor of Management and Sustainability was a guest on Tagesschau24 as an expert on sustainable supply chains. She discussed sustainability and resilience in the supply chain with moderator Dorothee Holz. Due to ongoing supply bottlenecks and a change in demand toward e-mobility, Hartmann predicts that the German automotive industry will suffer a loss of profitability, but also great opportunities. The dependence on Chinese products is a risk, especially in the medium term. As a potential solution, Hartmann presents the results of her research, which show that companies that operate sustainably are significantly less susceptible to crises. Hartmann attributes this resilience to transparent supply chains based on trust and social capital. She calls on entrepreneurs to invest more in the relationship with their suppliers in the future in order to be prepared for existing environmental and shortage risks.

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