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EBS Experts: Prof Falko Paetzold on sustainable investments on SRF

9 May 2022 | By: Violetta Sulzbach, Research Assistant Impact Institute
Falko Peatzold News SRF

EBS Professor Falko Peatzold is accompanied by Swiss Television at a workshop with high-net-worth individuals on the topic of sustainable investments.

To stop climate change, the economy must become more climate-friendly. Green investment funds are booming, banks are outbidding each other with new products, and record sums are flowing into so-called sustainable investments. Everyone who invests here wants to change something, for the better.

But this is much more complicated than it sounds at first: Often, funds are not as sustainably effective as the marketing promotes them to be. There are not yet sufficient standards and monitoring options, and greenwashing is a major problem.

To this end, young super-rich people are coming together in Lugano, Switzerland, for an unusual workshop with EBS Professor Falko Paetzold. Their question: How can we really make a difference with concentrated capital?

First broadcast: 17.02.2022, SRF: https://www.srf.ch/play/tv/nzz-format/video/gruenes-geld-wie-nachhaltiges-investieren-funktionieren-kann?urn=urn:srf:video:1d9e28dc-564f-45a9-81f8-19ec8124dfaf

Second broadcast: 24.04.2022, 3Sat: https://programm.ard.de/TV/Programm/Alle-Sender/?sendung=280074000643729 https://www.3sat.de/programm?airtimeDate=2022-04-24

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