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EBS experts: Prof. Falko Paetzold on his research on sustainable investing on Bremen 2.

28 January 2021 | By: Katja Friedrichs , Research Assistant Social Business
falko Paetzold_Foto Bremen 2

If you want to invest your money sustainably, you have a wide range of instruments to choose from nowadays. The larger the investment, the greater the opportunities to have an impact.

For many years, EBS Professor and founder of the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) Falko Paetzold has been studying the untapped potential of large private assets. Why so little of it has found its way into sustainable investments has puzzled him. In a portrait on the radio station Bremen 2, Falko Paetzold reports on a training program for young high-net-worth individuals that has been very well received and talks about how money is “going green.”

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