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EBS experts hold a workshop on the topic “Fully diverse!” at the World Shop symposium

22 June 2021 | By: Violetta Sulzbach, Research Assistant Impact Institute
Voll Divers
The value of age diversity in volunteer teams

“Fully diverse!” was the title of the workshop for which Dr. Katrin Merfeld, EBS alumna as well as assistant professor at Utrecht University, and Vera Schwarzmann, EBS doctoral student, were guests at the World Shop symposium.

Together with an active group of 60 participants, they discussed their research results on the topic of age diversity in volunteer teams - and thus had the chance to take away valuable impulses for their further research. The project is part of a research collaboration between the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht (Prof. Karin Kreutzer, Vera Schwarzmann), the Utrecht University (Dr. Katrin Merfeld) and the World Shop Umbrella Assotiation on the topic of age diversity in volunteering.

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