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EBS experts: Business punk interview with Prof. Dr Karin Kreutzer on women’s networks

22 February 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Professor Karin Kreutzer

Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer

Prof. Dr Karin Kreutzer has analysed the reasons for gender-specific differences in the structure of professional networks.

The study confirms the existence of structural barriers in the form of haemophilia and the conflict between work and family life, which significantly hinder or even prevent women’s networking efforts. In addition, the deeply rooted moral concerns of “exploiting” social relationships among women lead to less advantageous networking activities. This detrimental effect of relationship-oriented morality on the effectiveness of networks is further exacerbated by the female tendency towards “gender-specific modesty” or “selling below value” in a professional context. She comes to the conclusion: women network less than men.

_The article is only available in German.

Prof. Dr Karin Kreutzer holds the Chair of Social Business. Her research deals with social business models, strategic partnerships between companies and NGOs as well as questions of strategic management and innovation in non-profit organizations.

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