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Doctoral Research Forum 2021

21 April 2021 | By: Julia Elspaß, Research Assistant
Doctoral Research Forum
Generations of Doctoral Students in Exchange – Different Perspectives Open New Prospects

Cultivating interdisciplinary exchange: End of March, the Doctoral Research Forum, organized by the representatives of the mid-level faculty, took place for the fourth time at EBS University and offered - this time digitally - the opportunity for doctoral students from EBS Business School and Law School to exchange ideas and foster their research network.

In the first part of the digital event, doctoral students from both faculties presented their current research projects. A subsequent discussion round gave the audience the opportunity to ask questions or provide constructive feedback and some food for thought. The presentations covered a wide range of topics from the impact of the Corona pandemic on teaching (“Improvising the New Normal: Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis in Higher Education“ by Kim Dillenberger) to judicial review of standard business terms in labour law („Die angemessene Berücksichtigung der im Arbeitsrecht geltenden Besonderheiten: Von einem Stück offengelassener Gesetzgebung zu einem Stück offengelassener Rechtsprechung“ von Christoph Hautkappe). In addition, Dr. Jan Christoph Munck and Alexandra Wagner-Thind presented their work in the Gründungsfabrik Rheingau (“1 Year Gründungsfabrik Rheingau - Status Quo, Outlook and Funding Opportunities”).

During the practitioner talks - the second part of the event - the focus was on possible career perspectives after the doctoral studies. For this matter, four interesting guests with different backgrounds were invited. At this point, we would like to take the opportunity to thank them for their participation: Prof. Dr. Matthias Friehe (Qualification Professor for Constitutional and Administrative Law, Law School, EBS University), Dr. Markus Gräßler (Managing Director, gkk dialog), Prof. Dr. Matthias Waldkirch (Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Family-Owned Firms, Business School, EBS University) and Prof. Dr. Michael Weller (Professor of Banking and Capital Markets Law and International Business Law, Law School, EBS University). Based on their dissertations, their professional careers and their personal experiences, they each outlined very different career perspectives that can result from a doctoral degree. This part was not planned as a pure presentation, but more as an exchange, and it did not fail to achieve its goal: thanks to the exciting perspectives and the active participation of the audience, the practitioner talk became a lively exchange.

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