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Doctoral Research Forum 2018: EBS doctoral candidates make science comprehensible with these research topics

15 May 2018 | By:
Doctoral Research Forum 2018

Organised the Doctoral Research Forum (left to right): Lars Stellwaag, Tarik El Bouyahyani, Elisabeth Niendorf, Elena Freisinger, Franziska Schwarzer

The second Doctoral Research Forum, under the motto “We connect business and law”, took place at the EBS Universität in May. At this cross-faculty event, doctoral students presented their projects and engaged in discussions with faculty members and company representatives. Around 50 participants came to find out about the young scientists’ research topics. And these were wide-ranging.

The Doctoral Research Forum is organised by doctoral candidates for doctoral candidates. Typical of the EBS, according to Prof. Julia Hartmann. The event is intended to build a bridge between the two faculties: The business economists can learn how to argue from the lawyers and the lawyers benefit from the business economists’ empirical approach, according to the Vice Dean of Research at the EBS Business School.

Five doctoral candidates therefore took part in the constructive discussion and presented their doctoral projects in 15 minutes each. The topics ranged from intra-party democracy, management board liability and cum/ex deals to system-theoretical approaches in marketing and purchase decisions in multi-functional teams. Prof. Emanuel Towfigh, new Dean of the EBS Law School, advocated that lawyers and economists should abandon their technical jargon: “We have to make science understandable. Only then is it accessible for all and we can use it to improve the world”.

Everyone agreed that the young scientists benefited greatly from the interdisciplinary exchange following the presentations. New perspectives and impulses contributed to intensifying the lines of argument. The keynote speech given by Prof. Christof Schimank from the management consultant Horváth & Partner, together with a moderated alumni panel discussion, provided further opportunities for stimulating conversation. Here, Dr. Jan Daniel from DB Logistics GmbH, EBS lecturer Dr. Abiola Sarnecki and Dr. Jan Christoph Munck, Research Director at the Strascheg Institute for Innovation, Transformation and Entrepreneurship (SITE) described the career paths they had chosen. Thus, the delegates not only gained interesting insight into the experience the alumni made during their doctoral studies but also, and above all, into the various career opportunities afterwards.

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