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Digital Marketing Workshop at Bayer in Leverkusen

12 February 2018 | By:

Andre Grunzel (Local Recruiter Bayer Direct Services) invited 19 students to the Bayer headquarter in Leverkusen. First, the students enjoyed a tour of the BayKomm Communication Center and gathered meaningful insights into the traditions and history of Bayer as well as gain an idea of the possible future challenges of Bayer as well as other companies operating in the industry. Afterwards the students were presented with the case they would work on for the remainder of the day. The case challenged the students to identify possible future challenges for one of the main brands of Bayer Consumer Health. Following an intense working session the students presented the problems and challenges they identified as well as their own solutions and the benefits for Bayer as well as the consumer. We would like to thank Bayer for the interesting and informative day in Leverkusen and are looking forward to the next event with Bayer.

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