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Communication in times of crisis: Expert article in the special interest magazine “Markenartikel”

19 November 2020 | By: Prof. Dr. Roland Mattmüller, Professor of Strategic Marketing

In the November 2020 issue of “Markenartikel”, the specialist magazine for brand management, there was an article by Professor Mattmüller and co-author Julia Matheis on the subject of “Communication in times of crisis” and the effects of involuntary social cocooning caused by the pandemic. The changed media and consumption behavior of consumers as well as the resulting opportunities and risks for marketers were discussed.

During the crisis, television and digital news formats are perceived as the sources of trustworthy information, showed by the significantly increased number of viewers and users in classic and digital news formats during the crises. Consumers also want to be entertained, spend a good time and have social contacts, that´s why streaming services and social media are more requested than ever.

Safety concerns, long queues and a lack of security of supply are leading to an in-crease in procurement via online retail in the area of shopping, especially in the area of FMCG. This results in high expectations with regard to quick and reliable delivery on the customer side and, on the other hand, high competitive pressure on the supplier side.

Due to canceled events, marketing campaigns and postponed product launches, the corona crisis led to a slump in communication-related industries. Professor Mattmüller warns companies of exploiting the corona crisis for PR, because consumers punish non-authentic behavior with a permanent loss of trust. However, the corona crisis has also proven the importance of brands and the trust that results from it. In times of crisis, brands stand for durability, remind people of the good times and sharpen a positive and confident look ahead.

Here you can find the link to the article (Original was published in German):


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