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Climathon 2019

1 November 2019 | By: Melanie Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager
The team around EBS students Monica Zhang (second from left) and Jaskirat Singh (right) took part in the Local Climathon 2019.

The team around EBS students Monica Zhang (second from left) and Jaskirat Singh (right) took part in the Local Climathon 2019.

Together with two other participants, our master students Jaskirat Singh and Monica Zhang, took part in the Climathon 2019 competition held by the City of Mannheim. A great result: They won the competition! Congratulations on this great achievement!

What is Climathon?

Climathon is the largest collective climate change campaign of its kind with the ambitious goal of achieving zero emissions in 20 to 30 years. In this year-round programme, Climathon is working with cities and companies around the globe to achieve this goal. In doing so, they are thinking about a comprehensive solution with their key event Hackathon. Within 40 hours, climate protection activities are translated into concrete projects, climate-positive companies and start-ups receive support and local policy changes are addressed. The motto of this year’s Climathon is Cities. Hiking. Solution.

At the Local Climathon, which was held in Mannheim, more than 100 students and professionals from various fields participated in a 40-hour Hackathon.

During the 40 hour hackathon, the team consisting EBS students Jaskirat Singh and Monica Zhang developed a platform called Blend iT, in which they promoted the industrial symbiosis through which the waste of one industry can become the raw material of another. They have created a database in which data about the resource stream of an industry is entered. Once the data has been collected across multiple industries, it can be adjusted according to their needs.

For example, in the chemical industry sodium sulfate is a very common waste material, but it is a raw material for the glass industry. With the platform developed, these two industries can be brought together. The chemical company could generate additional revenue by selling its waste and the glass industry could obtain its raw materials more economically. It offers a monetary advantage to the companies as well as a reduction of waste and CO2 emissions.

The idea is convincing - the company Camelot, with whom the team has worked, is enthusiastic and wants to further develop this idea together. The jury was also impressed - the team won the competition in three categories. This opens their participation in the Global Climathon in Paris - the team is already in the preparatory phase.

We are also enthusiastic about your idea and wish you all the best at the Global Climathon in Paris!

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