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Charity commitment: EBS students shed light on organ donation and collect Christmas parcels for the Frankfurt “Tafel”

12 February 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Studenten helfen EBS Universität

Donated Christmas parcels by Studenten helfen

In Germany, approximately 11,000 patients are currently waiting for a donor organ because their own organs no longer function properly due to life-threatening diseases or accidents. This is why the decision to donate an organ is so vital. Students of the “Studenten helfen” initiative at the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht therefore want to raise awareness for this vital topic.

This is a project very close to the students’ hearts: Since the end of last year, brochures in German and English as well as promotional posters have informed all students at EBS Universität about organ donation. Interested students can also pick up an organ donor card at the University’s reception desk in Wiesbaden. “Donating an organ means prolonging a patient’s life. However, there are still not enough donor organs in Germany to help everyone. A single organ donor can help up to seven seriously ill people. For us, it is extremely important to raise awareness among our fellow students about all the possibilities open to them. But, of course, the choice is up to each of us to make”, says Sophie Lohneisen, a law student at the EBS Law School and, together with Christopher Ohler, head of the student’s initiative Studenten helfen.

At the end of 2018, the initiative called for donations of Christmas parcels for needy families. The students collected a total of 34 parcels with toys, Christmas greetings and food - donated by employees, students and the University President. “We decided that the Tafel Frankfurt e.V. should receive our parcels as this is where support is needed most in our region. It was an overwhelming experience for us to see how happy the people were to receive those parcels”, according to Sophie Lohneisen. In addition to the parcels, the group was able to hand over 125 euros to those responsible at the Frankfurt and Wiesbaden food banks.

Studenten helfen is one of more than 20 student initiatives at the EBS Universität. These are committed to helping the homeless, organising lectures and wine tastings, staging court trials for training purposes (so-called moot courts) or running a student management consultancy, James Consulting GmbH. A highlight in every respect are the top-class congresses, such as “EBSpreneurship Forum” or the “EBS Symposium”. Apart from their extensive, extra-curricular commitment, students of the EBS Universität also make an impact with their excellent academic performance. In 2017, the two best students in the First State Examination in Law in the State of Hesse came from the EBS Law School, the top rating of all graduates is above-average at 67 percent.

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