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Best bachelor degree in law school honored

24 May 2022 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Jule Halbach

EBS law student Jule Halbach was awarded for the best bachelor degree in her class. We asked her about her secret to success and tips.

EBS: Congratulations on the best bachelor’s degree! The subject of your bachelor thesis was climate protection and nuclear power phase-out. What made you choose this subject and what interested you most about it?

Jule Halbach: What interested me most about my topic was the aspect that climate change is a global challenge that requires a cosmopolitan, post-national network of legal instruments and protagonists. In this respect, doubt can be cast on the transnational added value of the German nuclear phase-out, but in my thesis, I conclude that climate protection and nuclear phase-out are not irresolvably conflicting, but that a wide variety of instruments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions must be used and expanded. Macro scenarios such as climate change unfortunately pose particular legal and political challenges, because here long-term consequences meet short-term responsibility, which inhibits the required transformation process.

EBS: What were your greatest challenges and your greatest successes so far, when looking back at your time at university?

Jule Halbach: For me, the greatest challenge during my studies was finding a healthy balance between learning and other activities, in other words sport, commitment in various associations, meeting friends and family, especially of course during the Corona pandemic. There are many wonderful moments in my studies that I can look back on. I particularly enjoyed my focus on public commercial law and my semester abroad in Rio de Janeiro. I am also very happy that our year has now successfully completed the Bachelor’s degree.

EBS: How do you think you managed to do so well? What is your secret to success?

Jule Halbach: I don’t have a particular secret to success, but I am very lucky to have always been encouraged and supported by other people along my way so far.

EBS: Why did you choose to study at EBS?

Jule Halbach: In the past, I was even more politically engaged, and I was particularly interested in the economy and social affairs. This political interest led to my wish to study law, and because EBS also teaches economics in addition to law, I wanted to study at EBS. However, I could only finally decide in favour of EBS after I had received confirmation that I had obtained a scholarship.

EBS: You have received an award for your outstanding performance. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Jule Halbach: I was generously presented with an award for the best Bachelor’s degree by Thomas Reischauer from Clifford Chance, for which I am very grateful. As well as flowers and a bag of all sorts of useful goodies, I was given the opportunity to do my traineeship at Clifford Chance and received a cheque.

EBS: What advice would you give to other students?

Jule Halbach: A law degree is really challenging and time-consuming. Don’t forget to look after yourself and your fellow human beings and take enough time for your life outside university.

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