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Article by students on the topic of Resilience Management published on Medium

8 April 2021 | By: Melanie Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager
Student publishes article about resilience management

The article “Resilience Management – Managers’ Supreme Discipline” was published on the US-American online publishing platform Medium. The modern digital publishing platform appeals to around 170 million readers worldwide and promotes authenticity and lively storytelling.

The article describes:

  • what resilience means in a business context,

  • why the COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example to observe operational performance differences between resilient and non-resilient companies,

  • why economies of resilience are essential for corporate success,

  • which value chains are more vulnerable to shocks than others,

  • what we can learn from countries like China or South Korea about unforeseen events like a virus outbreak

  • and how IKEA has managed to become an agile company.

The article was written by the students of the Bachelor course “Advanced Corporate Finance” of Prof. Ulrich Hommel, Holder Chair of Corporate Finance & Higher Education Finance:

Daniel Abt, Gonzalo Allende, Lennard Basser, Lars Bick, Esteban Bosmans Wasmosy, Alexander Buzek, Mikel Iriarte Odriozola, Tsz Yi Kwok, Moritz Laute, Franziska Louven, Tian Yi Miao, Carla Pedro, Katrin Reim, Sophia Schücking, Tom Schultz, Martin Stöckel, Isabel-Caroline von Lieres und Wilkau, Carl Tobias Wallrabenstein, Dominik Weyer, Linus Wittenburg and Shanyou Yin.

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