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A family for the next three years

9 November 2017 | By:
Bachelor Introduction Week Tesla
First year undergrads give their impressions of the EBS

The Bachelor Introduction Week for the first year undergraduates took place in late summer atmosphere during the last week in August, on the EBS Business School’s Schloss Campus in Oestrich-Winkel. Apart from workshops, inauguration events and a Campus Race, the car manufacturer Tesla brought along some of their cars and gave some insight into their sales strategy. The town’s mayor, Michael Heil, also welcomed the new students.

In the interview, Katharina Albrecht and Marc-Philippe Leitzbach talk about their first impressions of the University.

EBS: What made you decide to study at the EBS?

Katharina: There were several reasons: for one thing the alumni network. As the oldest alumni network in Germany, it offers us an incredible range of opportunities. Secondly, it was the “EBS Spirit” that so many people enthuse about. To start with, I wasn’t really sure what that was, but once you’re here you very quickly notice this special team spirit. You get to know the professors personally, the lecture rooms are small with far fewer students, about 30 to 40 at the most. Compared with a large university, you don’t feel that you’re just a number.

Marc-Philippe: I have always been interested in economics and I had often heard about the EBS, not only due to the fact that it is geographically speaking near to my home but also from people I know, so I decided to apply here.

EBS: Do you feel at home here?

Marc-Philippe: Yes, definitely. We were welcomed here with open arms and, thanks to the many common extracurricular activities, you get involved very quickly.

Katharina: I really feel super at home here! During the Introduction Week and on Open Day we saw an incredible number of students in blue sweaters, who pitched in and helped. That gives you a feeling of belonging, from the very start.

EBS: What was your first impression of the EBS?

Marc-Philippe: Entirely positive: the professors are great, the food in the student canteen tastes good and the Campus is really beautiful, too.

Katharina: Very good. The Dean, Professor Kreutzer, gave a very sincere welcoming speech. We were all sitting together in a large room and he said: “The people sitting around you now are your family for the next 3 years.” You were really made to feel part of the community.

EBS: What exactly did you do during the Bachelor Introduction Week?

Marc-Philippe: Apart from a large number of information sessions in which we learned all about the so-called “Ressorts” (student clubs), IT or Pace Points, we were also introduced to various modules. We also had a Sports Day when we organised a basketball and volleyball tournament. Towards the end of the week things took a serious turn when, in groups, we had to prepare and present a graded presentation about Tesla.

Katharina: On the first day, for instance, EBS alumnus Gerrit Steele gave a presentation about the start-up consultancy “elephant & castle”. He spoke about founding his company, not only about the successful side but also openly about the setbacks he had experienced. Altogether, there were a great deal of speeches by entrepreneurs. This meant we could make direct contact with the companies, and have already been offered internships. On Friday, the week finished with a big barbecue.

EBS: What was your personal highlight?

Marc-Philippe: I liked the presentation workshop with the consultancy Arthur D. Little, but the introductions to the modules were also fascinating and made me curious about what the next semester will bring.

Katharina: I very much liked that fact that we were in direct contact with the companies, such as Tesla, Arthur D. Little, or elephant & castle.

EBS: Have you got to know your fellow students yet?

Marc-Philippe: Yes, thanks to the many extracurricular activities, you get to know people really fast.

Katharina: As it’s not so big here, you get to know people much faster. I see that with my best friend who is studying at a very large university. After three years studying there you don’t know all the people personally, here you do. Everyone speaks to everyone right away and this makes it very easy to find friends. My verdict: I am really happy here and I would recommend everyone to come here.

Marc-Philippe Leitzbach is 18 years old and is studying General Management (BSc.). He comes from Hochheim am Main.

Katharina Albrecht is 19 years old, is studying General Management (BSc.) and comes from near Frankfurt.

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