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2021 review: EBS Universität paves the way for success

21 December 2021 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Jahresrückblick 2021

An exceptional year for EBS Universität is coming to an end. In 2021, EBS celebrated its 50th anniversary and proudly looks back on half a century: 50 years the university has carried the firm idea of international and practice-oriented education of founding father Prof. Klaus Evard. For 50 years, EBS has claimed a passionate commitment to excellent teaching and exceptional teamwork. For 50 years, EBS has been driven by the ambition of its students to make a difference in the world. On the anniversary occasion, a virtual campus was created, where a look behind the castle facade is possible. Interested parties, companions and friends of EBS can intuitively discover the history and stories of the university on the illustrated, interactively designed site.

Heading for the future with a powerful leadership trio

One announcement, in particular, has shaped the year at EBS: In addition to the high-caliber appointment of Günther H. Oettinger to the vacant position of President, Professor Martin Böhm from IE University Madrid has been recruited as Rector of EBS. In September, both took up their duties and formed the management trio together with Dr. Dorothée Hofer, the acting Managing Director. LINK TO VIDEO? The newly established university management is now paving the way to becoming a European champion: In the coming years, for example, the accreditation and ranking strategy will be massively advanced, will develop new programs, will modernize the teaching concept and will further sharpen the profile of EBS. In this video, the trio gives an initial stock after three months.

Life on campus

The Corona pandemic is still present and has led to restrictions this year. Fortunately, all students were temporarily able to reconvene on campus - under strict sanitary conditions - during the summer. As a result, a successful graduation ceremony and student conventions were held on-site. Our professors continued to observe the pandemic from a research point of view. Together with apadua GmbH, Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer and Valentin Pfeffer conducted a study on the virtual realization of consulting services among the 16 largest management consultancies in Germany and asked: How does management consulting work in the lockdown? Together, scientists from the Werte-Stiftung and EBS Universität also analyzed the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the change in values in German society.

Expertise of EBS researchers in high demand

The new supply chain law, the impact of the pandemic, the future of stationary trading and the relevance of social enterprises: the expertise of EBS professors aroused great interest in 2021. For example, Prof. Julia Hartmann was interviewed on n.tv or in Harvard Business Manager, Prof. Roland Mattmüller spoke on the future of stationary retail in ZDF heute Journal, Prof. Ulrich Segna explained the AWO scandal in ZDF heute, or Prof. Karin Kreutzer talked about social business in ZDF Volle Kanne.

Renewed growth in terms of student numbers

In 2021, EBS welcomed 5% more students than in the previous year. At the start of the winter semester 2021/22, 19 students at EBS Universität were awarded a Deutschlandstipendium. The Deutschlandstipendium supports high-achieving students. In addition to excellent grades, social commitment and extraordinary personal achievements are also considered when awarding this scholarship. In the 2021 university ranking of the renowned magazine WirtschaftsWoche, EBS Universität once again landed among the top ten in the ranking of all German universities in the field of business administration.

Opening of the new forum in the courtyard of Campus Schloss

In September, EBS completed the first construction phase on the Schloss campus and opened the new forum. Many exposed concrete, wood and glass characterize the new building, which is sunk halfway into the ground and thus does not push the historic castle into the background. The 130-square-meter building can now accommodate up to 200 people in the barrier-free interior and on large steps around the perimeter, and approximately 60 students can work at group tables during seminars. During good weather, students can spend their breaks on the roof terrace and enjoy the view of the vineyards and the Rhine. Thanks to a generous donation of 150,000 euros from our alumni, which SRH has doubled again, the forum also boasts the latest technology and learning room furniture.

Around 5.5 million euros was invested in the first construction phase. In addition to the new forum, a new main entrance on Rheingau Street and a retention area for flood protection were built under strict fire, flood and historic preservation regulations. Likewise, the renovation of the castle’s base, the replanting of the campus with vines, and gardening and landscaping have already taken place.

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