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To mark its 50th birthday, EBS Universität’s virtual campus offers a glimpse behind the castle walls

6 April 2021 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Virtueller Campus

View of the virtual campus. All of the dark blue and movable elements are clickable. Behind them lie interviews, videos, podcasts and other topics.

To mark the occasion of its 50th anniversary on 6 April 2021, EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht (EBS) is launching a virtual campus on its website. This intuitive, illustrated site gives prospective students, companions and friends of EBS a glimpse behind the scenes, where they can discover the university’s storied history.

In 1971, EBS began its journey as European Business School with founding father Professor Klaus Evard. EBS has had a significant impact on the higher education landscape, fully in keeping with its anniversary motto “Inspiring. Empowering. One of a kind.” On that journey, EBS passed through stormy times, grew, and became stronger. Visitors can now read stories and anecdotes from 50 years of EBS on the virtual campus. Users can interactively click on the movable blue areas, which reveal the university’s major milestones as well as interviews with management on the future of EBS, fun facts that even EBS experts don’t know, and insights into the university’s research. And in addition to other themes, the following four highlights can be found on the virtual campus, showing an often hidden, human side of EBS.

Generations podcasts

It is not uncommon for graduates to inspire their children to study at EBS. In a series of podcasts, students and alumni – different generations, brothers, twin sisters and entire EBS families – talk about their time at EBS. Where are the differences between then and now? And what has remained the same?

Letters from our rivals

It’s a well-known fact that competition stimulates business. While students compete at the WHU Euromasters, the lively rivalry between private universities makes EBS stronger and constantly drives EBS to improve. Congratulatory letters from competing universities therefore contain a few friendly digs.

Family and friends photo album

Students at EBS often report on the intensity of their experiences in their student life. Studying at a private university with around 2,000 students is very intimate; true life friendships are formed, future spouses meet, joint start-ups are born. In this photo album, alumni provide private insights into student life at EBS – and their time afterwards.

Hall of Inspiring Personalities

EBS spawned plenty of inspiring personalities: alumni who have been named into Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 list for their achievements, successful business founders, and an alumnus who has been named one of the Most Influential People in Business Travel three times. Here, inspiring personalities, rather than sanitised career stories are shown. What is the secret of their success? What brings them balance and what drives them? Alumni give some very personal insights.

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