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Quo vadis Health Care System?

16 June 2017 | By:
Health Care Day 2017_1

F.l.t.r.: Marcus Bocklet (Die Grünen), Marjana Schott (DIE LINKE), Dr. Ralf-Norbert Bartelt (CDU), Dr. Daniela Sommer (SPD), René Rock (FDP), Helmut Laschet, Prof. Dr. Ralph Tunder.

Healthcare specialists from the Hessian State Parliament discuss the key challenges facing health care at the EBS Health Care Day

According to a projection of the Bertelsmann Foundation, the number of those in need of care in Germany will increase from today’s figure of 2.4 million to 3.5 million by 2030. At the same time, it is estimated that by 2030 there will be a shortfall of approximately 353,000 carers. (Study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung) The consequence: considerable health care issues. Future developments raise many questions: How much is health worth to us? How can we counteract this skill shortage? And how can the imbalance between medical care in rural areas and in towns and cities be minimised?

The EBS Health Care Day, organised annually by the Health Care Management Institute (HCMI) of the EBS - this year’s event was on May 9, answers these questions. With a view to the upcoming parliamentary elections in September, this subject could not have been more topical. Health care experts from the parliamentary parties in the Hessian State Parliament discussed the topics of the lack of trained health care specialists, the imminent medical care meltdown and new health insurance systems, under the motto “Healthcare policy prior to the elections”. Participants were Dr. Ralf-Norbert Bartelt (CDU), Marcus Bocklet (Die Grünen), René Rock (FDP), Marjana Schott (DIE LINKE) and Dr. Daniela Sommer (SPD). The discussion was chaired by Helmut Laschet, Deputy Editor in Chief of the Ärzte Zeitung.

The question of a “citizens’ insurance” was the basis for a lively, high-involvement podium discussion. This model describes a statutory compulsory insurance for all citizens, regardless of individual types of income and would herald the end of private insurance in the field of primary health care. Whilst SPD, Linke and Grüne are in favour of the new model, CDU and FDP prefer to keep the present system.

The HCMI has carried out research in the field of health management for over 15 years and offers further development training in health economics, health care management, pharma marketing and leadership development in hospitals.

More information on: http://www.ebs-hcmi.de/

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