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Neue Publikation von Professor Towfigh

12.09.2016 | Von: Prof. Dr. iur. Emanuel V. Towfigh, Dekan EBS Law School

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Towfigh, Lehrstuhlinhaber für Öffentliches Recht, Empirische Rechtsforschung und Rechtsökonomik an der EBS Law School legt eine neue Publikation vor:

Do direct-democratic procedures lead to higher acceptance than political representation?

Are direct-democratic decisions more acceptable to voters than decisions arrived at through representative procedures? An experimental online vignette study with a German sample was conducted to investigate how voters’ acceptance of a political decision depends on the process through which it is reached. For a set of different issues, it was investigated how acceptance varies depending on whether the decision is the result of a direct-democratic institution, a party in a representative democracy, or an expert committee. The results show amongst others that for important issues, direct democracy generates greater acceptance.

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