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There is a strong demand for experts in the real estate industry. Graduates of the Master in Real Estate programme have a wide range of career opportunities in one of the largest and most important sectors: The real estate industry unites about 20% of all companies and 10% of all employees in the German economy. After all, the real estate industry does not only include building, renting and selling apartments. It is also about financing high-rise office buildings, operating shopping centres or managing property portfolios worth billions.

At a glance

  • Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
  • Double Degree: possible plus one additional semester
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  • Focus: International Business Administration, Management
  • Start: Fall term
  • Study duration: 4 semester
  • Type: full-time
  • Achievable ECTS: Regular Track: 120 credits, Accelerated Track: 90 credits
  • Investment: 7,950 euros per semester
  • Language: English

Studying at EBS

  • Entire study course in English
  • Distinguished several times as one of the best universities in Germany
  • An integrated semester abroad
  • More than 200 partner universities
  • Flexibly structured programme with a wide range of specialisation options
  • Small study groups with individual support and coaching
  • Strong corporate network
  • Studying in Germany with all the locational advantages of the Rhine-Main region
  • Excellent job-chances and above-average entry salary
  • Information about our Preparation Semester


Deadlines for applications do not exist here.
Every applicant gets an individual appointment for a personal application procedure. This means: We look forward to receiving your application at any time!

To start your application, please submit the following documents or proofs to us:

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 180 ECTS or an equally acknowledged degree
  • Proof of at least 8 weeks of practical experience
  • English language certificate (TOEFL iBT, IELTS or equivalent)
  • Valid GMAT or GRE


29 August 2022
Start of fall term

Good to know

  • EBS will resume its face-to-face teachings for the fall term 2022. As such, we expect students to be physically on campus by 29 August 2022 in most cases.

  • Recommendation for non-EU applicants: Although we follow a rolling admissions process, we recommend that international students who need to apply for a visa to study in Germany consider applying to EBS by the end of May for fall term 2022, as the visa application processes can last between 1 to 3 months depending on the country of origin. Please remember that we will still accept applications received after the recommended deadline and allow admitted candidates whose visa applications are delayed to move to the consecutive intake.

  • If you have not completed your first degree in business administration, we offer you a Preparation Semester. It will qualify you for the Master in Real Estate programme and our other regular Master of Science programmes.

  • For the Accelerated Track, the qualifying degree in a business studies subject involving 210 ECTS is necessary. In addition, you have to complete at least one semester outside the country of your home university.

  • It pays to apply early. This will give you enough time to arrange everything necessary before starting your studies. Applying for a visa can take 1-2 months. Arrangements with your employer are often more effective if made without time pressure.

  • You are looking for a suitable scholarship? Then, the MOMENI Group Foundation scholarship is the right choice. The scholarship supports students with an above-average academic performance from socially weak or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Receive further information about the scholarship – and here you can go to the application form.

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The Study Programmme


As a property manager, there are three things you will always have to deal with: Properties, people and figures. Therefore, your trump criteria for a successful career and your Master studies in Real Estate are a preference for buildings, good people skills and a profound understanding of maths.

With the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSc) programme, you qualify for a promising industry with great potential. The construction industry is booming, and real estate is one of the most popular investments. With a special education in the field of real estate, you have excellent career options. Whether as a real estate investor, real estate financier, real estate expert, real estate analyst, project developer, fund manager, real estate manager, corporate real estate manager, public sector property manager, private real estate manager, real estate investment banker, infrastructure manager, a manager in housing policy or as an expert in renewable energies - the Master in Real Estate prepares you perfectly for your career.

Programme Structure


We designed the Master’s programmes at EBS Universität to suit your individual needs and interests. The basic modules enable you to deepen your general knowledge of business management and refine your leadership skills. In the specialised modules, you can expand your management know-how and acquire in-depth knowledge in the areas of your choice. The programme takes three semesters and concludes with your Master’s thesis – often cooperating with a company. The third semester is reserved for your stay abroad at one of our more than 200 partner universities.

Accelerated Track: If you fulfil the requirements and already have international experience, you can shorten the Master’s programme by a semester abroad. The accelerated track will save you time and get you to your desired career goal faster.

International Track: The international track comprises two semesters at EBS and one semester at one of our partner universities abroad.

German Track: The German track is an option designed explicitly for non-German speaking students who have mandatory German classes each semester. In the 3rd semester, you will not go abroad but stay at EBS. It allows you to learn more about the country and its culture and improve your prospects for a career in Germany.

Double degree: We enable you to gain an international degree (MBA or Master) in addition to your EBS degree. Extend your studies abroad by one semester at one of our partner universities and receive a double degree. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain more expertise in a broader international context and expand your range of career opportunities in the global job market.


All students in the Master programme attend the same basic modules, which allows you to share experiences and thoughts with Master students of other specialisations and learn from each other. The basic modules prepare you for your future research work and support you in refining your leadership qualities. In the fundamental studies, you will learn interdisciplinary, personality-related skills. These include the view beyond one’s nose, ethical conduct or the ability to reflect. They are essential success factors for your professional career. Personal Mastery also includes methods of time and self-management, working in teams, stress management and practical learning.

Specialised mandatory & elective modules

The Master in Real Estate contains seven specialised study modules covering economics, finance, and law. We provide you with relevant specialist knowledge at a high academic level. In case of studies, you will examine complex investment and financing structures, carry out property valuations, including location visits, and become familiar with cash flow modelling and the ARGUS software. You will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with CEOs from the industry in various guest lectures.

Course of studies


Programme structure Master in Real Estate, starting fall term


Student Life

Student life on campus

Life on EBS campus is diverse, international and characterised by the outstanding commitment of our students. Due to the small number of students per intake and group, students know each other on campus and experience a family atmosphere that is also noticeable beyond the lectures. Our students’ sense of togetherness is extraordinary. The unique EBSpirit is born of our values of commitment, solidarity, thirst for knowledge and reliability. The common goal is to achieve great things, time and time again. And it works: with self-organised congresses, cultural events and much more.

Your study location – Living and learning in the Rheingau

The Rheingau is known worldwide for its Riesling, as are the fortresses, Castles and abbeys along the Rhine. You can find the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley with Loreley and Drosselgasse only a few kilometres downriver. Every year a large number of tourists visit this region, which has so much to offer. Whether gastronomic, sporting or cultural, Oestrich-Winkel in the Rheingau provides plenty of variety for leisure activities.

The EBS campus in Oestrich-Winkel is also home to one of these historic, fascinating buildings in the Rheingau - Schloss Reichartshausen. Close to the Rhine and surrounded by vineyards, teaching and learning take place at this location in a unique environment. In addition to offices for teaching staff and service departments, the castle also houses several lecture rooms and representative event rooms.

Student services at EBS

Your study experience and success are important to us. To make it easier for you to start your studies and to guide you optimally through the study programme, we offer personal support and various services:

Job Opportunities


Many graduates of the EBS Universität are managers in the executive site today. Personal development plays a decisive role during studies. Our coaching service helps you discover your strengths and promotes them. Our network of alumni doesn’t just provide a lookout of your possibilities after graduating – you can also use it for your career progression. More than 200 corporate partners support and accompany the students at the EBS Universität. Among them are many prestigious Dax-corporations and economic law offices. Together with our partners, we perfectly mesh theory and practice in the right mixture.

Most of our graduates receive their first job offer during their studies or at last three months after graduating (86 %). The prestigious degree of the EBS Universität also clearly distinguishes in wages: The starting salary of our master graduates averages 64.000 euro (Employment Report 2017).

EBS graduates are broadly based and have a high level of professional competence. Both enable them to be active in all essential functional areas of a company. When equipped with expert knowledge of the real estate industry, many doors will open for you. Jobs in real estate investments, financial analyses and assessments, fund management, real estate administration, investment banking, private equity, or real estate development are possible. EBS Universität has an excellent quota for placing real estate managers with competitive salaries.

Study Abroad


EBS Universität is among Germanys best universities, especially if you want to study abroad in English. Since our study programmes are held in English, and our degrees have a high international standing, we traditionally attract many international students. As an abroad student, you may find some peculiarities in the German working world and way of life that are new to you. We support you in the best possible way by putting English-speaking specialists at your side. Besides, we offer you support in all administrative processes, from certificates to accommodation.

  • Administration: forms, applications, certificates
  • Organisation: accommodation, infrastructure
  • Personal Networking: student initiatives, joint events
  • Professional Networking: Partner Company Network
  • Sights and excursion destinations in Rheingau and Hesse

  • Learn more about studying in Germany



The master in real estate at the EBS Universität cultivates leading personalities who help shape the economy and society. That process starts with selecting suitable characters for our programme.


To take part in the Master Selection Process, you are required to submit the following documents:

  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits
  • Accelerated Track: Bachelor degree in Business Studies with a minimum of 210 ECTS credits and at least one semester abroad
  • Have completed at least eight weeks of internships during or after your first degree
  • English language certificate (TOEFL iBT: at least 95, IELTS: 7, or equivalent. For Master German Track additionally TOEFL iTP: 580). Training and tests are also possible at the EBS Language Center
  • Valid GMAT or GRE with good quantitative results or participation in our internal EBSgrad test. Training and tests are also possible at the EBS Language Center

If you fulfil all requirements after a detailed evaluation, you will receive an invitation to an individual selection interview.

If you have not completed your first degree in business administration, we offer you a Preparation Semester. It will qualify you for the Master in Real Estate programme and our other regular Master of Science programmes.


As part of our multi-stage application process, we examine the performance and study ability of each applicant. We take the utmost care in this process since we only accept the most suitable applicants.

Due to the current extraordinary situation, we have changed our admission process to a contactless, digital version. You can now pass all components online.

If your application documents meet our admission requirements, we will invite you to an individual 45-minute interview. During this interview, we will check your motivation and social skills. The decisive factors are performance and learning motivation, the social-communicative profile, the willingness to take social responsibility and the applicant’s initiative.

Such a selection procedure is exhausting and exciting at the same time. We know this and relieve our applicants by communicating the results as quickly as possible. It provides planning security – for all parties involved. If you are accepted, we are excited to welcome you to our campus at the beginning of the semester. You find the dates in the overview at the top of the page.

Tuition Fees


The teaching quality is our focus: EBS Universität represents one of the best management programmes in the German-speaking world. As a private university, we finance ourselves mainly from tuition fees.

  • Initial Payment: 1,980 euros
  • Tuition fee per semester: 7,950 euros

Total: 33,780 euros

Total | Accelerated Track: 25,830 euros
Total | Dual Degree Track: 41,730 euros

We want to make the programme accessible for any excellent applicant – independent of their economic situation. Decisive factors are your performance, motivation and personality. The choice of financing options for a study programme is diverse, and often a combination of the various options can be helpful. Please look at our scholarships and student finance options to determine which offer suits you best.

Scholarship of the MOMENI Group Foundation

The MOMENI Group Foundation aims to enable students with an above-average academic performance from socially deprived or economically disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue further studies in real estate through a scholarship. MOMENI Group has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the EBS Real Estate Management Institute since 2019.

Programme Benefits


At EBS Universität, you won’t experience an ordinary business administration programme. We set a high standard and cultivate leaders and top performers.

  • Repeatedly honoured: The EBS Universität regularly ranks top tier in university rankings (e.g. in Multirank, Business Studies Comparison 2017).

  • Higher salary: The starting salary of our master graduates averages 64.000 € (Employment Report 2017).

  • Strongly in demand: Most students receive their first job offer during their studies, or at the latest 3 months after graduation (Employment Report 2017).

  • Easier access into management level: We arrange internships in companies such as Accenture, BCG, BMW, Danone, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, L’Oréal, Morgan Stanley, P&G, PWC and others.

  • Highly intensive support: Small groups, high practical relevance, skills development, individual coaching – we support you the best way possible!

  • Semester abroad and double degree: You’ll either spent a semester or half of your study-time at one of our first-class partner universities.

  • The whole programme is in English: The programme at the EBS Universität meets international standards, in an internationally imprinted environment. That’s why all classes and events are, of course, in English.

  • Take advantage of our unique offer even without a business degree: EBS Universität offers you the opportunity to gain all the business knowledge you need in our Preparation Semester.


The Master’s programme at EBS Universität in Oestrich-Winkel in Real Estate Management prepared me excellently for professional life and is an excellent choice for building up in-depth theoretical knowledge and establishing contacts in the industry at an early stage. In the second semester, I got to know the MOMENI Group through a practical project. After receiving my degree, I completed an internship and started as a project analyst in Hamburg. The MOMENI Group’s scholarship programme for socially committed and high-achieving students, which has now been launched, is an excellent opportunity to spend time on social commitment and at the same time build up contacts with one of the leading investment managers.

Lukas Feldhaus
Lukas Feldhaus
EBS alumnus // Project Analyst at MOMENI Group

A dual-degree option, lectures in English, a semester abroad and a diverse mix of professors and students from all over the world – it´s a truly international programme.

Kanika Vohra
Kanika Vohra
EBS alumna // Associate at Allianz Real Estate

The Master of Science in Real Estate programme at EBS provided excellent theoretical and practical real estate knowledge. The combination of lectures and the mandatory internship, and the semester abroad offers a solid foundation for an ideal start as a real estate professional. In addition, it supported me in building my network, which essentially contributed to making my first successful steps within the real estate industry and finding an exciting position after my graduation.

Sven Ley
Sven Ley
EBS alumnus // Associate Director at Catalyst Capital

With highly motivated students in small seminar groups, we can maintain high standards and use cutting-edge teaching methods.

Markus Kreutzer
Prof. Markus Kreutzer, PhD
Professor of Strategic and International Management