The world is made of data. So is the future.

Master in Business Analytics

Master of Science (MSc) Double degree possible
Master in Business Analytics student of EBS Universitaet
To understand the world, we need data. We need to observe, measure, and collect data points. That’s how we learn. That’s how we develop. But to stay ahead, we have to understand data and use it as a basis for shaping tomorrow’s world.
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  • 4 semester | 2 semester
  • 120 ECTS | 60 ECTS
  • 6,360 € / semester | 9,540 € / semester
  • Full-time
  • Fall Term
  • English
  • optional stay abroad
  • Fall Term to 26.08.2024
  • Campus Rheingau
Our Promise

Big Data. Big Future.

Systematically collecting and analysing data is one thing. Turning it into exciting insights is quite another. The Business Analytics programme at EBS goes further still. Only if you truly understand data, derive clear guidance from it and possess the will to change the economy permanently can you make a positive difference in the world.

Data rules the world – help make sure it’s used for positive change
The global volume of data is growing by 2.5 trillion bytes each day. Big Data is growing four times faster than the global economy. The analysis, evaluation, visualisation and management of data will shape the future, whichever economic field you’re in. Data is a raw material that needs to be understood and fashioned by creative, innovative people. This is where our understanding fits in, because we don’t just focus on the basics of data analysis, we focus on how data can be used in new ways. Because used correctly, data doesn’t only change economic processes. It can lead to a better world.

Experience Challenge-based learning
Data is abstract. Working with it isn’t. In our Business Analytics degree programme, you’ll learn from day one how businesses approach data analysis and processing. Working with our partners from the business world, you’ll gain an understanding into how projects are set up, implemented and communicated.

Leaders wanted.
We are convinced that strong personalities have a strong awareness of values. Values such as responsibility, a strong backbone, courage and consideration. Our accompanying coaching programmes support you in your personal development. In addition, working together in multinational teams during the study programme will make you fit for the future challenges in your job.

Welcome to the EBS family.
The most important part of your studies is not only 'what', but especially 'with whom'. The EBS family is an exceptional community. International, inspiring, innovative. You are not studying with strangers but with friends, with like-minded people. We want to achieve remarkable things together. Our students organise congresses, cultural events or run their own real investment fund.

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The first step into a successful future

Data expertise is becoming increasing important in every economic sector, business and department. There are two main paths open to graduates of this course at EBS:

  1. Joining a company (e.g. industry/banking) as a business analyst or data analyst
  2. Become a consultant in a first or second tier consulting firm. We work closely with partners such as KPMG, EY and PWC.


Examples of concrete career prospects are Data Analyst, Data Consultant, Management Consultant, Data Scientist and Quantitative Financial Analyst (“Quant”).

Strong corporate partners
Since we were founded, intensive cooperation with companies has been central to our teaching. So the big names in this industry are frequent visitors. Together with our partners, you will learn to master practical tasks during your studies. Our Career Services Centre helps you to make valuable contacts in the business world during your studies.

Success stories

Made by EBS

Our goal to impart knowledge and values has proved successful.

This is underpinned by a strong network of over 10,000 alumni who work in top positions - from KPMG, PWC, Roland Berger to BCG and many more. The alumni association is always there to support you during and after your studies. As you can see - we are a huge family.

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Successful alumna of EBS Universitaet
Study programme structure

Master in Business Analytics (MSc)

The degree programme comprises four semesters (120 ECTS) and integrates intensive cooperation with companies into most courses, in which students work on practice-related projects supervised and coached by our faculty members. In the first semester, in addition to the practical Onboarding Project, the strategic, economic and financial foundations are laid in core modules. The second semester offers you the opportunity to specialise in elective modules and to enhance your practical experience in the Field Project.


You can organise the last two semesters entirely according to your needs: Either through a stay abroad at one of our around 200 partner universities (Semester Abroad Track) or through an internship in a company (Practice Track). Non-German speaking students also have the opportunity to stay at EBS and prepare for a career in Germany (German Track). The last part of the programme is dedicated to your final thesis. With an additional semester abroad in the Semester Abroad Track, you also have the option of obtaining a double degree.

With the Accelerated Track, you have the opportunity to shorten the duration of your studies and complete your Master's degree programme in two semesters (60 ECTS). The prerequisite for this is a Bachelor's degree with 240 ECTS credits or, in the case of a degree with fewer than 240 ECTS credits, corresponding professional experience. Further information can be found in the admission requirements.

During your studies, you will acquire key competences for your future job in Professional Development Workshops and will be prepared for a career as a leadership personality through individual coaching from the EBS Coaching & Leadership Hub. In addition, you will have the opportunity to further develop your international language skills through foreign language courses at the EBS Language Centre.

Study Content

This is what you learn in the Master in Business Analytics

The Master in Business Analytics programme is divided into different stages. At the beginning of the programme, we prepare you for your future research work and support you in your further development of your leadership skills. Building on this, you will deal with the essential issues of your field, consolidate newly acquired knowledge and grow as a leader.

Core Modules:


Data Visualization and Management Systems

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Structures and Database Management


Advanced Statistics

  • Advanced statistics


Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Advanced Machine Learning Techniques


Natural Language Processing for Business Applications

  • Text Mining
  • Natural Language Processing


Elective Modules:

  • Strategic Management
  • Managerial Accounting, Finance & Economics
  • Managing People, Operations & Society
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Marketing Operations
  • Marketing Implementation


Field Project:

  • Wealth Creation through Active Asset Allocation
  • Applied Business Analytics Hackathon
  • Corporate Finance and Investment Banking



Professional Development Workshops:

  • Python
  • Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Key Skills For a Modern Financial Professionals

Every person is different. Numerous ways to do a Master's degree at EBS.

We have designed the Master's programmes to be flexible. Depending on your level of knowledge, skills and goals, you can take the path in your studies that best suits you and your life circumstances.

Semester Abroad Track (120 ECTS)

With the Semester Abroad Track, you gain experience abroad and prepare yourself for an international career. This track comprises the first two semesters at EBS, the third semester abroad at one of our 200 partner universities and concludes in the fourth semester with your thesis.

Practice Track (120 ECTS)

Have you already gained sufficient experience abroad? Then the Practice Track offers you the chance to focus on your practical experience. This track comprises the first two semesters at EBS, one semester for internships and one semester for your thesis. The long and intensive internships can be completed either in the third or fourth semester. The remaining semester is dedicated to your thesis, which may be assigned by a company.


German Track (120 ECTS)

The German Track is an option developed exclusively for non-German speaking students. In addition to the regular lectures in English, students receive curricular courses in German language and culture and stay at EBS in Germany instead of going abroad in the third semester. This enables you to improve your career prospects in Germany. In the fourth semester you complete the programme with your thesis.


Accelerated Track (60 ECTS)

Accelerate your career. The Accelerated Track gives you the opportunity to shorten the duration of your studies to two semesters. The prerequisite for this track is a Bachelor's degree with 240 ECTS or corresponding professional experience for a degree with less than 240 ECTS. Further information can be found in the admission requirements.


Dual Degree
In addition to your degree at EBS Universität, you can obtain a second international degree (MBA or Master). Extend your studies abroad at one of our partner universities by one semester in the Semester Abroad Track and receive a double degree. This will give you more specialised knowledge in a broader international context and increase your international market value.

Challenged Based Learning

Experience top-class expert lectures and a strong practical orientation. In addition to interactive lectures, there is an emphasis on case studies and real-world projects, so the degree programme reflects cutting-edge management practices. In addition, close collaboration with industry leaders and practitioners is encouraged to equip students with the skills, competencies and mindsets required in today's global economy.

Many possibilities. One language.
At EBS University you will study at an international level and in an international environment. That's why all lectures and events are, of course, held in English.

It could hardly be more international.

International professors and lecturers, study groups with high diversity or an integrated stay abroad are without question the best preparation for a career in international top management.

EBS International Office

Get to know the lecturers

EBS Universität is one of the leading business universities in Germany, but we are not satisfied with that: our professors aim to make the Faculty of Business Administration as a management-focused business school, a leader in Europe. In the Master's program, professors with many years of practical experience as well as internationally renowned researchers teach. They all work together to shape leaders for the future.


Our faculty is supported by members of the adjunct faculty. You will be taught by experts who hold top positions in business or are active in leading companies.

Lecturers at EBS Business School

Contents and highlights

The Master briefly explained

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Business School, founded as a pioneer in 1971


EBS Alumni in the Forbes 30 Under 30

> 200

Partner universities


Studying with distinction

Characteristics and skills

Your profile

If you’re the kind of person who thinks data and numbers aren’t just abstract, but essential for understanding and developing the world, then this might just be perfect for you.

  • Quick to grasp complex topics
  • Keen to prepare complex material for others so they can understand it and use it to make correct business decisions
  • Perspective, oversight, foresight
  • Able to dive deep into data and, more importantly, extrapolate influential implications that make a clear contribution to business success

Master in Business Analytics student of EBS Universitaet
Selection process

Admission requirements and application

The Master's programme at EBS Universität trains leaders who help shape and drive the economy. This process already begins by finding the right personalities.

EBS Universität conducts a holistic selection process. We assess the above minimum scores in the context of your overall profile, professional experience and background. There are no application deadlines at EBS; however, early application is particularly recommended for international candidates and scholarship seekers. Start your application by submitting the following documents on our application platform:

  • A bachelor’s degree and transcripts in any field of study with at least 180 ECTS or an equivalent recognised qualification. An application can also be submitted with a current transcript of records if the bachelor's degree is not yet available.
    Accelerated Track (60 ECTS):
    A bachelor’s degree and transcripts with at least 240 ECTS or an equivalent recognised qualification. Bachelor's degrees with 180 or 210 ECTS can be considered for the Accelerated Track if they have at least 12 or 6 months of professional experience (full-time) after the Bachelor's degree programme. This work experience must be related to the content of the intended degree programme and must have been completed by the start of the degree programme at the latest.
  • English language certificate (TOEFL® iBT/MyBest TOEFL: minimum 95; IELTS: 7; Duolingo English Test: minimum 125 or an equivalent certificate). Upon proof, if you have completed an undergraduate degree in English, are a native speaker, or have worked for at least 2 years in an English-speaking country, no certificate is required. All candidates interested in the Semester Abroad Track of the programme need to present a valid TOEFL® or IELTS score due to regulations pertaining to our partner universities.
  • A valid GMAT (either classic or new Focus edition - scores will be based on GMAC's percentile tables), GRE, Business Admissions Test (BAT), EBSgrad Test, Common Admissions Test (CAT).

In the interview, we evaluate your motivation and social skills. The decision factors are performance and learning motivation, as well as communication skills and willingness to act in a socially responsible manner, in addition to your own initiative and drive.

After the selection interview, you can expect to hear back from us with a final decision within one week.

Tuition fees and funding

An investment in your future

We focus on the quality of teaching. EBS Universität stands for one of the best management education programmes in the entire German-speaking world. You need to plan the following investment for the Master in Business Analytics at EBS:

Tuition fees in total (including all fees):
Semester Abroad, Practice or German Track (for 4 semesters): 27,420 euros
Accelerated Track (for 2 semesters): 23,060 euros

Tuition fees in total from fall term 2025 (including all fees):
Semester Abroad, Practice or German Track (for 4 semesters): 33,780 euros
Accelerated Track (for 2 semesters): 27,830 euros

Early enrolment bonus:
Reduction of tuition fees by a total of 3,000 euros
- for enrolment by 31th July for the spring term of the following year
- for enrolment by 28th February for the fall term of the same year

We try to enable all excellent applicants to study - regardless of their economic situation. Your performance, motivation and personality are decisive here. There is a wide range of options for financing a study programme. In many cases, it makes sense to combine various options. Take a look at the possibilities of scholarships and student funding. Here, you can find out which option is best for you.


Student Financing
Students are advised on student financing and scholarships
Campus Impressions

Experience our campus

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Application and counselling

You have further questions?

We will advise you personally on all questions relating to the study programme, student finance and studying at EBS in general.

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Choosing a course of study is a big decision. It has a strong influence on the whole life that follows. Often studying involves leaving home and is the first step into an independent life of one’s own.
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