Student life at EBS Universität

Student life on EBS Universität campus

Young people are faced with difficult challenges in the light of considerable and often demanding commitment together with the intensive study programme. These challenges can be met, thanks to the flourishing community of EBS students. Values such as a common bond, a sense of responsibility, commitment, and willingness to help combine to form the EBSpirit that our students live and promote, and that distinguishes EBS University from other private universities.

What does student life on the EBS campus look like?

Studying at EBS Universität requires discipline and commitment. This is how students study at the two locations in Oestrich-Winkel and Wiesbaden. In Oestrich-Winkel, the superb view of the Rhine and Rheingau is very much appreciated. At the same time, in Wiesbaden, the attraction is the many restaurants, bars, and cafés for an evening get-together. In addition to their studies, students are involved in one of the Student Clubs where congresses, further development, social affairs, or culture are planned and organised. This is not only about curriculum-related topics, but above all about working together as a team. The Student Clubs enable students to address issues they feel strongly about. This makes student life on the EBS Campus unique.

Student life and EBSpirit

The values mentioned at the beginning are not only taught at EBS but also lived. The spirit lived at EBS Universität has a name: EBSpirit. It characterises this university more than any other and grows best when faced with challenges that require team spirit. The EBSpirit is a feeling lived by the entire EBS family, i.e. all students, alumni, professors, and staff. It isn’t easy to formulate a general definition of EBSpirit because it means something different to each of us. You have to feel it to know it!

Graphic on the values of the student body association

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The Dies Academicus provides a suitable setting for different awards handing to students, lecturer, employees and alumni. We congratulate the awardees - it was an amazing and inspiring evening!


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