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Against sexualised discrimination and sexual violence

Within its area of responsibility, EBS shall ensure that the personal rights of individuals and their individual, personal preferences are respected and safeguarded. Sexual discrimination and sexual violence constitute a violation of personal rights and a massive disruption to university operations. The EBS shall not tolerate sexual violence or gender discrimination or assault in its areas of activity.

In May 2019, the Senate of EBS therefore adopted a directive against sexualised discrimination and sexual violence. Among other things, it regulates a procedure to be followed in the event of infringement of the principles set out in the Directive. Affected persons are urged not to tolerate sexualised discrimination and assault.

The persons concerned have the right and are encouraged to complain to the competent authorities at EBS. Those responsible are:

Counselling interviews are offered and conducted in particular by staff members of Coaching at EBS.

Selection of external advisory centres, mainly in Wiesbaden and the Rheingau region

Focus on women as well as sexualised discrimination and violence

  • ZORA - Anlauf- und Beratungsstelle für Mädchen und junge Frauen
    Contact and advisory centre for girls and young women_

    Adolfstraße 5
    65185 Wiesbaden
    Phone: +49 611 - 910 1413

  • Beratungsstelle für von Gewalt betroffene Frauen – Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.
    Advisory centre for women subjected to violence

    Loreleiring 26
    65197 Wiesbaden
    Phone: +49 611 - 51212

  • Berufswege für Frauen e.V.
    Career opportunities for women

    Neugasse 26
    65183 Wiesbaden
    Phone: +49 611 - 590299

  • Frauenhaus der Arbeiterwohlfahrt
    Women’s shelter of the Federal Workers’ Welfare Association


  • Beratungsstelle und Frauenhaus der Diakonie
    Advisory centre and women’s shelter of the German diaconia

    Rheinstraße 65
    65185 Wiesbaden
    Phone: +49 611 - 360910

  • profamilia Wiesbaden

    Langgasse 3
    65183 Wiesbaden
    Phone: +49 611 - 376516

  • Wildwasser Wiesbaden
    Advisory centre for female victims of sexual violence

    Wallufer Straße 1
    65197 Wiesbaden
    Phone: +49 611 - 808619

  • Haus für Frauen in Not
    House for women in distress_

    Bad Schwalbach
    Phone: +49 6124 - 729217 o. 1847

  • Caritas centre Bad Schwalbach

    Reitallee 6
    65307 Bad Schwalbach
    Phone: +49 6124 - 729229

  • Förderverein Haus für Frauen in Not
    Association supporting women in need

    65307 Bad Schwalbach
    Phone: +49 6124 - 729217

  • Hilfetelefon Gewalt gegen Frauen
    Helpline in cases of violence against women

    Phone: +49 8000 - 116 016
    Further information

  • Frauen helfen Frauen Main-Taunus-Kreis e.V.
    Organisation: women help women

    Seilerbahn 2 - 4 | 3. Stock
    65719 Hofheim
    Phone: +49 6192 - 24212

  • Contact point for counselling and cooperation in Hesse
    Protection organisations, individual counselling

    Further information