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Max Mustermann

since April 1, 2016 Research Associate at the Chair of Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Legal Economics

2015 - 2016 Managing Editor at Latest Thinking GmbH

2013 - 2016 Assistant at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Collective Goods, Bonn

2009 - 2013 Fellow for Teach First Germany and teacher in the secondary level I

2009 M.A. in Political Science, Public Law and Scandinavian Studies

2002 - 2009 Studies in Political Science, Public Law and Scandinavian Studies in Greifswald and Bergen, Norway

PhD project: “Interest in politics, political participation and the willingness of young people to participate and their connection with expectations of self-efficacy “**

The doctoral project is interested in the determinants of the political identity of young people and the methodology used in their survey. The interest in politics, political participation and the willingness to participate together form an important basis for young people to grow up into mature citizens who can and actually exercise their political rights. Against the background of the existing findings, the research project is devoted to the question of what leads to the fact that underprivileged young people are less interested in politics and participation and what suitable countermeasures are. The study focuses in particular on self-efficacy expectations and the policy concept of young people, and the current methodology is examined with regard to a bias in favour of formally more highly educated and socio-economically better off young people. Overall, the project aims to contribute to the question of how the development of political identity and thus the (later) political participation and participation of underprivileged young people can be promoted.

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