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Ralph Jakob

Areas of Research

The focus of the CWMS is to investigate the effectiveness and impact of all marketing and sales support activities of private banking and wealth management providers.

To this end, the CWMS operates in two complementary fields of research:

  1. Wealth Management Provider
  • Acquisition of new customers, customer dialog and relationship building up to deal closing / customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty and relationship building / extension of existing customers
  • Customer profitability
  1. Private Banking (high net worth individuals)
  • Areas of need
  • Demand, media use, brand usage
  • Advice needed
  • Parameters for loyalty and “Commitment” of high net worth clients for wealth management providers

In addition to analyzing the relevance, structure, costs and impact measurement of applied marketing and sales tools the integration of customer relationship and data systems is investigated in order to qualify media contacts and to transfer them in individualized and personalized dialog contacts (phone and personal online). In this manner, the entire width of interactive repeat contacts should be qualified as a basic requirement of the relationship between wealth management providers and their customers.

By linked research on - new cutting edge knowledge in marketing communication (e.g. neuro marketing, “contextual communication”, emotional brand building, etc.), - dialogue marketing and - sales support & relationship building

in terms of their costs, mechanisms of action and “conversion rates” the CWMS develops a metrics-based business development and investment process and a “return on investment” standard of all marketing and sales support activities for wealth management. Thus, the CWMS offers a specifically to the HNWI segment tailored research approach that scientifically analyzes operationally actionable solutions for generating assets under management.


Bachelor in Business Studies


Master in Business mit Spezialisierung in Real Estate
Master in Business mit Spezialisierung in Real Estate Investment & Finance
Master in Wealth Management
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