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Niels Dechow

Prof Niels Dechow, PhD

joined EBS Business School in 2009. Previously, he has held academic positions at the University of Oxford (UK) and Case Western Reserve University (USA). He holds a PhD from Copenhagen Business School (DK). Prior to his academic career, he worked in Scandinavia as a consultant first with Deloitte & Touche Consulting and then with KPMG Consulting. His academic work is published internationally in journals such as “Accounting, Organizations & Society”, “Management Accounting Research” and “Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change” and in peer-reviewed handbooks including for example “Handbook of Management Accounting Research”, “Issues in Management Accounting” etc.

Prof. Dechow is Chairman of the German Chapter of IMA and senior member of CIMA.

In his monthly German blog Controlling 2020 Niels Dechow writes - in an entertaining and understandable way -about the challenges finance professionals have to face.

Niels Dechow is member of - American Accounting Association - European Accounting Association - Schmalenbach Gesellschaft für Betriebswirtschaft - Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft

Areas of Research

Research and Focus

Initially, in his research Niels Dechow investigated the connection between Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) and Management Control. Currently, he focuses on the practical applicability of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), the conceptualization of Performance Management and the prerequisites of Value Based Management in times of volatility.

In the field of Management and Control he pays special attention to behavioral effects and the results that arise after the implementation of tools in practice. In his view it is a core challenge for the finance and accounting management of a company to moderate the focus of corporate strategy, finance, organizational structure and human capital.

Areas of professional expertise: o Key Performance Measurement & Management o Balanced Scorecard Implementation o Risk Reporting & Management o Activity-Based Costing o Budgeting & Control

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Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc)
Master in Automotive Management (MSc), Master in Finance (MSc), Master in Management (MSc), Master in Real Estate (MSc)
Master in Finance (MSc), Master in Management (MSc)
Master in Management (MSc)
MBA Management, Full-time


Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc)
MBA Management, Full-time
Master in Automotive Management (MSc)
Master in Finance (MSc)
Master in Management (MSc)
Master in Real Estate (MSc)
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