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Max Mustermann

Max Urchs received his doctoral degree in mathematics from Copernicus University Torun/Poland and got his habilitation in logic in 1983. Before joining EBS, he taught at several Polish and German Universites, being professor of logic, philosophy of science and of cognitive science. Since 2006 he is chairholder of philosophy of science at the European Business School, he developed and implemented EBS’s philosophy programme and is also Director of the Institute of Business Ethics. He was project leader of DFG- and of KBN-projects. His work has been published in internationally well known journals. He co-edits or serves as board member the Journal of Logic and Logical Philosophy, Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of Science and the Humanities and other professional journals. Currently, Max Urchs works mostly in the field of philosophy of economics and of non-classical logic.

Areas of Research

Ethical and structural questions of economic theories, causal aspects of open systems, reasoning under uncertainty.

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Bachelor in Business Studies
Law Studies
Master in Automotive Management, Master in Finance, Master in Management, Master in Real Estate


Bachelor in Business Studies
Master in Automotive Management
Master in Finance
Master in Management
Master in Real Estate
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