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Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer teaches undergraduate, graduate, and PhD courses on Strategic and International Management with a focus on inter-organizational strategy-making, organizational growth, renewal, and adaptation, and business model innovation. He is also actively involved in several continuing education programmes.

Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer holds a Master Degree in Business Administration and a Master degree of Economics from the University of Passau and a Doctoral Degree from the University of St. Gallen. In his thesis at the intersection of strategy and corporate entrepreneurship, he examined how multi-business firms effectively steer and coordinate different types of strategic initiatives. Prior to joining EBS Universität, he worked as Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the Institute of Management at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and as Visiting Professor at the Entrepreneurship Department of IESE Business School in Spain.

Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer has published his research in leading international (e.g., Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Long Range Planning) and German journals (e.g., Harvard Business Manager), Journal of Management Studies. He is active in the scientific community as reviewer for several leading international journals and conferences (e.g., Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society) and is editorial board member of the Journal of Management.

Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer was Dean of EBS Business School from June 2017 until January 2019 and Vice Dean Research of EBS Business School from February 2016 until July 2017.

Areas of Research

Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Business Model, Strategic Renewal, Strategy Process, Strategic Initiatives, Corporate Programs, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Organizational Control, Alliance & Network Strategy, Internationalization, Professional Service Firms

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Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc)
Master in Automotive Management (MSc), Master in Finance (MSc), Master in Management (MSc)
Master in Management (MSc)


Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc)
MBA Management, Full-time
Master in Automotive Management (MSc)
Master in Finance (MSc)
Master in Management (MSc)
Master in Real Estate (MSc)
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