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Katrin Burmeister-Lamp

Katrin Burmeister-Lamp holds a degree in business administration from Humboldt-University of Berlin and studied at the Jönköping International Business School in Sweden as well as at the University of Paris VIII in France. She did her doctorate then at the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management (HU Berlin) on the subject of “Entrepreneurial Decision Making”. Afterwards she worked as an assistant professor at Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) in the Netherlands. After a Research stay at Duke University she was junior professor for business administration at Heinrich-Heine-Dusseldorf University.

Areas of Research

In her research, Professor Burmeister-Lamp combines approaches from the fields of Psychology, Economics, Decision Theory, Organizational Behavior and Strategy to investigate entrepreneurial behavior in start-ups, small, medium and large companies. She presents regularly at national and international conferences and publishes in international journals. Katrin Burmeister-Lamp teaches courses on Entrepreneurship in Bachelor, Master and MBA programmes.

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