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Julia Hartmann

Julia Hartmann serves as Professor for Management and Sustainability at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht. She is expert in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, energy transformation, sustainable supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, ESG reporting and compliance. Her work is quantitative empirical and she has advanced experience in (big) data analytics, natural language programming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Her research was accepted at highly prestigious peer-reviewed academic journals including, among others, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, Academy of Management Discoveries, and Journal of Operations Management. She is a passionate teacher of strategic corporate social responsibility, environmental and stakeholder management, corporate governance, empirical data collection techniques and data analytics. She is advisor in ESG leadership and future readiness across industries and countries and opinion leader about ESG on television, radio, podcasts, panels etc.

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Master in Automotive Management (MSc), Master in Finance (MSc), Master in Management (MSc), Master in Real Estate (MSc)
Master in Management (MSc)


Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc)
Master in Management (MSc)
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