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Joachim Zietz

Since 2009 Joachim Zietz is an adjunct professor and research director at the Real Estate Management Institute. In addition to teaching, he is particularly devoted to training and advising graduate students at the institute. From 1979 to 2016 he was a professor of economics at several US universities, and research associate at the Institute for World Economics (Kiel) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (Washington, DC).

As an external consultant, he worked for the World Bank, the OECD and the World Food Program. Several years he was editor of the journal Journal of Economics and Finance.

Areas of Research

  • Applied microeconomics and econometrics, especially time series models

Current research in Real Estate Economics:

  • Identification of Real Estate Price Bubbles
  • Distributional Consequences of the US Housing Bubble and its Crash
  • The Spatial Correlation of Regional Housing Bubbles
  • Importance and Detection of Non-Linearities and Location in Hedonic Price Regressions


Prof. Zietz teaches two courses in the ‘Master in Real Estate’ program, one of which is in the module ‘Real Estate Economics’, the other in the module ‘Real Estate Risk Management & Statistics’.

The course ‘Real Estate Economics: Tools and Topics’ is a practical introduction to some key methods of quantitative analysis based on the free-of-charge programs GRETL (regression) und QGIS (geographical information system). These allow a better understanding and own, independent analysis of issues related to valuation, forecasting and the impact of public policy in real estate.

The course ‘Advanced Research Methods’ extends and deepens the basic knowledge of participants in the area of real estate forecasting, also with the help of user-friendly methods on the basis of artificial intelligence (packages of the statistical program R). The course also intends to provide an understanding of the foundations and practical problems of causal analysis. A sound understanding of these issues is relevant not only for public policy analysis but also for private-sector decision making.




MBA Management, Full-time
Master in Automotive Management (MSc)
Master in Finance (MSc)
Master in Management (MSc)
Master in Real Estate (MSc)
Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 3
65189 Wiesbaden