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David Wuttke

Prof. Wuttke is engaged in research, teaching, and projects at EBS Universität. He teaches courses such as Operations and Supply Chain Management and Advanced Topics of Supply Chain Management, where he presents the latest, cutting-edge concepts of supply chain management. A particular didactical format has been chosen for his course Supply Chain Management Industry Project, which is offered annually in close collaboration with a well-suited company. In this class, final-year students have to prove their capabilities to work effectively and efficiently in teams under realistic conditions. In as little as 72 hours, they have to solve a real problem faced by the focal firm and provide a convincing presentation. Prof. Wuttke also supervises theses as well as doctoral candidates. He presents research findings at both academic and executive-oriented conferences regularly.

Areas of Research

Prof. David Wuttke is engaged in multiple research projects. Within the scope of operations management, he currently investigates how firms adopt the innovation called Supply Chain Finance. Particularly, he is interested in understanding why certain firms adopt it faster than others and what may cause reluctance. In addition to empirical evidence, he derives mathematical models to quantify benefits of supply chain finance. Answers to these questions may serve as well buying firms to make a better informed adoption decision as supply chain finance providers and banks to improve their offered services.

Recent insights of his research projects on supply chain finance are regularly published at www.scf-knowledge.com.

Moreover, Prof. Wuttke is interested in operations research, particularly he develops algorithms and heuristics so as to increase the efficiency of production. Specifically, he focuses real-world problems which he addresses with scientific methods of discrete optimization. While results are intended to close gaps in the literature they can likewise be applied to the underlying problems.

Prof. Wuttke explores public reactions to events that occur in supply chains. These events could be production stops, delivery delays or ethical scandals. Within a large-scale big-data study, he and his colleagues analyze tweets reflecting opinions on supply chain events of millions of people over an entire year. Results of this study may inform companies about how to better align their supply chain and increase robustness.

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Bachelor in Business Studies, Bachelor in Business Studies - International Dual Degree
Master in Business mit Spezialisierung in Real Estate, Master in Business mit Spezialisierung in Real Estate Investment & Finance, Master in Wealth Management


Bachelor in Business Studies
Bachelor in Business Studies - International Dual Degree
Master in Business mit Spezialisierung in Real Estate
Master in Business mit Spezialisierung in Real Estate Investment & Finance
Master in Wealth Management
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