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Our Teaching

A key activity of EBS Impact is the educational experience we create at EBS for our students who, in the future, will fulfill key roles as experts, entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders. At EBS we encourage our students to develop critical decision-making skills including awareness and consideration of different stakeholders, and of the fact that prioritizing of these stakeholders should not only be determined by the maximization of financial returns.

The teaching offered at the Bachelor and Master level includes mandatory courses such as Business, Society and Environment, and Business Ethics, as well as elective courses on Social Business and Social Innovation. The curriculum is complemented by a theoretical course focusing on Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy, as well as more practice-oriented courses such as Service Learning (Center for Business Ethics) and Personal Mastery and our renowned VIP-Curriculum.

The teaching at the MBA and executive education level includes courses on Governance and Compliance, Social Entrepreneurship and Responsible Leadership, covering HRM, CSR, and Sustainability related issues.

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