Headergrafik - Baumaßnahmen

Construction and renovation measures

on Campus Schloss in Oestrich-Winkel

An investment in the future!

The renovation, reconstruction and new building measures currently taking place at Campus Schloss, pursue the vision of a green, car-free campus on which we invite our students, employees and guests to come and stay. There is one thing we would like to say in advance: The campus will change fundamentally! New buildings will be erected to provide more space for teaching and seminars; remodelling of the park with vines and seating-accommodation will continue to bring the Rheingau flair to the campus, and the Schloss and annexe will also be restructured and modernised as a whole. The completion of the entire building project is scheduled for 2024.

Overview of the new campus of EBS Universität in the Rheingau

The building project at a glance

The already existing buildings Schloss (bottom right), Walther-Leisler-Kiep Center (centre left) and the annexe with tower (top right) will be supplemented in the future by the Forum (in the inner courtyard of the Schloss).

Building of the Forum


Scheduled period: November 2019 to mid-August 2021

  • In early November 2019: Opening of the historic wall along Rheingaustraße to create new pedestrian access
  • Early November to late December 2019: Creation of a retention area for flood control south and west of the main building
  • November through December 2019: Base renovation in the inner courtyard of the castle building
  • Early December 2019: Installation of the new transformer, including routing
  • From January 2020: Garden and landscaping in the western part of the main building
  • 6 - 14 January 2020: Demolition work on the floor slab in the courtyard of the castle building
  • ** 3 February 2020**: Partial renovation of the interior and reopening of the Mensa after modernisation
  • From 2 March 2020: Start of the construction work of the Forum in the inner courtyard of the palace – most of which will go under the ground
  • 2 - 14 March 2020: Placement of the supporting anchors
  • 6 May 2020**: Excavation of the construction pit in the inner courtyard of the castle
  • ** 11 May 2020**: Pouring of the base plate
  • ** 2 June 2020**: Placement of the first walls of the Forum
  • 25 June 2020**: Due to the already placed exterior walls, the shell of the building is now visible
  • ** 6 October 2020**: Completion of the wooden construction, installation of the external staircase and closing of the ceiling
  • From mid-November 2020: Roofers begin covering the roof
  • From January 2021: Interior finishing of the Forum
  • May 2021: New planting of vines as well as garden maintenance of the outdoor facilities
  • From June 2021: Work on the square in front of the refectory, where a lawn parterre with benches will be built
  • July 2021: Installation of the bridges from the roof terrace of the Forum to the castle

Second phase of construction: renovation of the outbuilding.

Planned period: October/November 2021 to early 2023

Drone shots

Our bachelor student Marvin Hanisch has taken great drone shots of Campus Schloss – with beautiful views of the Rhine and Rheingau.


Baumaßnahmen Campus Schloss
Campus Schloss

Britta Deitenbach (Contact Person Construction Work)