EBS students at Campus Schloss in Oestrich-Winkel

About EBS Universität

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht is one of the leading private business schools in Germany, located both in Wiesbaden and Oestrich-Winkel. Under the university’s umbrella, our three schools – EBS Law School, EBS Business School and EBS Executive School – are teaching tomorrow’s leaders. With a close academic interconnection between economic and legal topics.2,200 students and doctoral candidates are currently studying and researching at three schools and benefit from a comprehensive network of international partner universities, companies, and alumni.

The top address for tomorrow’s managers and lawyers

The EBS Business School, the oldest private university for Business Studies in Germany, has been teaching future leaders with an international perspective since 1971. The EBS Law School, Germany’s most recently founded law school, has since 2011 offered a full-featured, classic law study programme leading to the state examinations with a particular focus on business law and an integrated Master in Business (M.A.). The EBS Executive School provides further education for specialists and executives with its professional training programmes. Since July 2016, the EBS Universität has been part of the non-profit foundation SRH, a leading educational and health services provider. Our common goal is to strengthen the EBS Universität as an excellent academic institution and develop the university based on independent research and teaching.

Facts and figures

  • Oldest private business school in Germany, located in Wiesbaden and Oestrich-Winkel, in the Rheingau region
  • The three schools (EBS Business School, EBS Law School and EBS Executive School) have 44 core faculty staff members (senior and junior professors, lecturers and postdoctoral fellows) as well as approximately 30 adjunct and honorary professors from all over the world
  • Inspiring law faculty, with a compelling and unique teaching concept: 3 academic degrees in less than five years
  • Around 2,200 students (Bachelors, first state examination in law, Masters, MBA and Part-time Masters), doctoral candidates and exchange students
  • Studium universale and coaching for all students
  • More than 30 native speakers teach eleven business languages
  • More than 230 partner universities on all continents
  • Over 200 corporate partners, many of which are DAX companies and law firms
  • More than 10,000 alumni with more than 3,400 organised in the EBS Alumni network in over 30 countries


  • 1971: Establishment of the European Business School, the oldest private university for business administration in Germany, by Prof. Klaus Evard

  • 1981: Establishment of the business administration faculty library

  • 1987: First continuing education programmes for executives

  • 1989: State recognition as an institute of higher education with university status

  • 2004: Complete changeover to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes as the first institute of higher education in Germany

  • 2007: Start of Master’s programmes

  • 2010: Establishment of the second faculty, the EBS Law School

  • 2011: Awarded university status and thus renamed EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

  • 2014: First-time ranking in the worldwide Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking: 14th in 2014, 11th in 2015

  • 2016: EBS Universität becomes part of SRH, a non-profit education and healthcare company based in Heidelberg, Germany

  • 2020: EBS has Hesse’s best law graduates in the First Law Examination for the fourth time in a row, with a distinction rate of more than 60 % since its foundation // Start of extensive campus refurbishment and new construction works for more innovative learning space

  • 2021: Günther H. Oettinger takes office as President, Prof. Martin Böhm is appointed Rector. Together with the incumbent Managing Director Dr. Dorothée Hofer, they form the management team of EBS Universität

Headergrafik - Positionierung

Empowering you to shape the future

No one can avoid the future. What we make of it is just tagging along or helping shape it? If you know the answer, then your future with us can begin.


We pursue a close academic interlocking of economic and legal topics. International orientation, proximity to business and a comprehensive network of international partner universities, companies and alumni – EBS offers you the best environment to grow into the future. We give you the tools you need to become leaders who think in a new light and create something new.

We prepare you for a future in which you will be playing a crucial role. And tomorrow’s world needs leaders with new qualities: what counts are agility, empathy and courage. Courage, too, to make mistakes and then to learn from them. Personalities who are prepared to take responsibility and go that extra mile moves themselves and others forward. As leaders. As people.

You will benefit from small learning groups and strong support from staff and teachers. Fellow students with a tremendous sense of commitment are there to help you. They know that you can achieve more together than alone. A clear international orientation offers diversity and new, exciting experiences. Close networking with corporate and law firm partners gives you the pole position for a successful start to your career. In addition, we guarantee individual personality development and are very much aware of our societal responsibility. So you won’t be studying just anywhere. But with the best. For the best career. For a better future.

Mission and Vision

EBS Mission

We educate talented students and professionals to develop their personalities and competencies, thus enabling them to become highly-skilled, critically thinking, and globally-minded experts, managers, and entrepreneurs who take the lead in times of uncertainty and change. We provide them with an international educational experience in Germany, created jointly by our faculty and a professional staff dedicated to academic research, participant-centred learning, and business practice, backed by our network of alumni and corporate partners.

EBS Vision

To become the best German-based and one of the best-known international universities by offering educational excellence and developing graduates who will be competent and responsible decision-makers, contributing to and benefiting from a unique network of alumni and partners.



  • Each EBS member (student, graduate, employee or professor) assumes responsibility for themselves, others and their topics and tasks, which applies to their study and any subsequent career.
  • Each EBS member commits themselves to implement assigned tasks and projects to the best of their knowledge. Each EBS member is obliged to estimate the consequences of a decision and to take responsibility for it.
  • Responsibility is the guiding principle of all actions for students, graduates, employees and professors. Each EBS member advocates and sets an example of responsible conduct and demands that from others.


  • Mutual trust is the basis for success at EBS Universität.
  • Every EBS member has confidence in their strengths and competencies, as well as that of their fellow students and colleagues.
  • Each EBS member fulfils their tasks and projects with the necessary commitment and sense of responsibility.


  • EBS members respect other people’s opinions, views, ways of thinking, and efforts. They treat each person with respect and appreciation.
  • EBS members respect other scientific opinions and value scientific exchange.
  • EBS thrives on diversity: EBS members respect the background, culture and faith of our students, employees and professors. Internationalisation and cultural exchange are significant pillars of our university.


  • EBS members advocate their topics and projects with outstanding commitment and courage. They put them into the practice of their own volition.
  • EBS members face challenges courageously and develop innovative and creative solutions in the context of a constantly changing environment accompanied by increasing uncertainty.
  • Using guiding ideas, EBS members promote their projects with dedication and enthusiasm.


  • EBS members are aware of and comply with the current legislation and the internal rules of EBS Universität.
  • EBS members are honest with others and themselves, respect and safeguard the defined values of EBS, and set a positive example.
  • Integrity is the fundamental success factor for every entrepreneurial and academic activity. The defined values of EBS constitute the ethical foundation of each action and cooperation among students, graduates, employees and professors of EBS Universität.

University Executive Board

The powerful leadership trio shapes the future of EBS: Meet Günther H. Oettinger (President), Prof. Dr Martin Böhm (Rector) and Dr Dorothée Hofer (Managing Director).

Günther H. Oettinger


Portrait of Günther H. Oettinger, President of EBS Universität


Prof. Dr Martin Böhm


Portrait of Prof. Dr Martin Böhm, Principal of EBS Universität

Prof. Dr Martin Böhm is the Rector of EBS Universität, where he also serves as a Professor of Marketing. His research, teaching, and consulting activities are focused on issues of pricing and customer loyalty.

Professor Böhm received his doctorate from Goethe University Frankfurt. He had earlier graduated from the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and from Reutlingen University with a Bachelor in International Business.

Before joining EBS Universität in 2021, Professor Böhm had served on the faculty of IE Business School in Madrid and Segovia, where he received several awards for his teaching across degree and executive education programs. While at IE Business School, he served in various leadership roles such as the Dean, the Dean of Programs, the Associate Dean of the Master in Management, and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Professor Böhm currently serves or served on several international boards, including the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the Industry Advisory Board of the EMBA Council, or the EQUIS Accreditation Board of EFMD.

Professor Böhm’s ambitions are high. Here’s what he has to say about his collaboration with EBS: “Building on its strong legacy, I am truly excited to shape the future of EBS Universität to becoming a European champion.”


Dr Dorothée Hofer

Managing Director

Portrait of Dr Dorothée Hofer, Managing Director of EBS Universität

Dr Dorothée Hofer holds a doctorate in law and is the Managing Director of EBS Universität. She draws on her expertise in change management and organisational development to successfully position EBS Universität for the social and economic challenges it faces and, together with the university management, to drive forward the process of strategic development that has already begun.

Dr Dorothée Hofer studied law at Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, at Nottingham Trent University (GB) and Universität zu Köln. There she was awarded her doctorate in criminal procedural law. In the following years, she worked for Voith, supported a BGH lawyer and worked for the Crafts Council in Mannheim.

In 2011, she moved to the SRH University in Heidelberg as Head of Human Resources, where she could drive considerable growth and the conversion of the academic model to the CORE principle as Head of Administration and authorised signatory.

“I appreciate working with the members of EBS Universität, in Wiesbaden, in Oestrich-Winkel and all over the world! Rarely have I experienced such ambitious and passionate employees, students and alumni as here”, says Dr Dorothée Hofer.


Anke Bandorski
Assistant to the Managing Director


Get more information on the organisation of EBS in the following sections.


The main shareholders of the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht are SRH Higher Education GmbH and the alumni association EBS Alumni e.V.

SRH Higher Education

The non-profit organisation SRH Higher Education GmbH is the principal shareholder of the EBS Universität. Since July 2016, the EBS Universität has been part of the non-profit foundation SRH, a leading education and health services provider, with headquarters in Heídelberg. The common purpose is to strengthen EBS Universität as an excellent educational institution and to further its strategic development, building on a foundation of independent research and teaching. SRH Higher Education GmbH is a leading private sponsor with a total of ten universities:

The academic programme includes over 100-degree courses. The universities are united in imparting academic competence, educational excellence, social skills, and values. The SRH Higher Education GmbH aims to provide future-oriented degree courses for young people, achieving state-recognised diplomas and offering them outstanding career opportunities. With research and continuing academic education, SRH contributes to the promotion of education and innovation in the economy and society.

EBS Alumni e.V.

The alumni association has been a shareholder of the EBS Universität since June 2015. This independent association has over 3,400 members in more than 30 countries and is one of the most successful alumni networks in Europe. The association’s objective is to strengthen cooperation among former EBS students and offer a platform for exchange. In addition, the association also supports students financially within the framework of their study foundation. Furthermore, the association also supports student projects, organises internships and arranges information events. The association is actively involved in the ongoing strategic development of EBS Universität and lends support as a sparring partner.

University Council

The University Council supports the university in developing its goals and strategies through consultation and evaluation. It advises the Senate and the university management on the orientation and development of the university in national and international research, teaching, and social and technological development in Germany and worldwide and on the related strategic university planning within the framework of the decision-making responsibilities assigned to it under the basic regulations. Through its accompanying assessment, taking into account comparable national and international competitors, the University Council also contributes to the further development and quality assurance of research and teaching at the university.


  • Dr h.c. Jörg-Uwe Hahn (Vorsitzender), Member of the Landtag (Member of the Hessian State Parliament, Former Minister of State)

  • Prof. Dr Andreas Altmann (Principal of MCI Management Center Innsbruck)

  • Stephen Brenninkmeijer (Social Investor Founder of Willow Investments UK)

  • Valerie Holsboer (Lawyer)

  • Jan-Henrik Lafrentz (Chief Financial Officer at Bentley Motors Ltd.)

  • Prof. Dr Roland Mattmüller (Professor of Strategic Marketing at EBS Universität)

  • Hans Werner Reinhard (Chairman of the Advisory Board at Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik GmbH)

  • Prof. Dr Jörg Winterberg (Managing Director at SRH Higher Education GmbH)

Ethics Commission

The Ethics Committee has the task of reviewing the ethical aspects of planned social science research projects at EBS Universität. The Ethics Committee advises the researching members of EBS Universität on questions of research ethics by stating if necessary. The ethical responsibility of the responsible researcher remains unaffected. The Ethics Committee and its members are independent in performing their duties and are not bound by instructions. Their conscience only binds them.


  • Prof. Dr Myriam Bechtoldt (Chairwoman)
  • Prof. Dr Richard Raatzsch (Vice-Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr Franziska Krause
  • Prof. Dr Laura Turini
  • Prof. Dr Christoph Wolf

  • We look forward to your enquiry

Please have a look at all relevant documents:

Diversity Officer

Diversity and inclusion are essential parts of the core values of EBS Universität. Our Diversity Officer is responsible for various functions to ensure that we keep to our high standards.

  • Participates in the selection committee for the recruitment of professors to ensure Diversity, inclusion and lack of bias in the recruiting process.

  • Is the primary contact for students and employees in cases of diversity-based disputes and accusations of discrimination against the organisation or other students and employees.

  • Supports HR and the student recruitment team to help create a brand that appeals to diverse applicants and removes bias.

  • Reviews the policies and procedures of EBS Universität to ensure that they are inclusive.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Claudia Stolle-Gallmann for any questions regarding the above.

Prof. Dr. Julia Lübke, LL.M. (Harvard)

Professor in Civil Law, Company Law, Antitrust Law and European Private Law

Deputy Diversity Officer

Inclusion Officer

Iris Leissner

Human Resources

Inclusion Officer