Headergrafik - Law School

Chair of Civil Law, Private International Law and Civil Procedure Law

Max Mustermann

Teaching and research activities at the chair cover the fields of Private International Law and Civil Procedure Law.


Civil Law governs legal relations between private individuals. Globalisation, digitisation and Europeanisation, but also a change in values, for example in Family Law, lead to many changes in the existing legal framework.

The International Private Law regulates the question as to which law applies to a case with foreign implications. In a globalised economy, this is a central question, especially for an exporting nation like Germany with an export volume of 1 trillion euros. In recent years, the enactment of several important European regulations has also led to major changes in international private law, which has increasingly become a European matter.

Finally, Civil Procedural Law includes all rules for proceedings before state courts and arbitration tribunals in civil matters. As, for example, the lawsuits in connection with manipulated software in diesel engines have shown, procedural regulations are of considerable importance for law enforcement and German procedural law is currently in an important phase of upheaval.

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