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Entrepreneurship & Family Firm Institute (EFFI)

Network & partner

The Entrepreneurship & Family Firm Institute (EFFI) is closely connected to the corporate environment, seeking to transfer scientific knowledge into business practice. EFFI provides platforms for entrepreneurial exchange and develops projects with pratice partners from the business community that build novel insights and solutions to current and future business challenges. EFFI supports its partners in the sustainable development and renewal of their companies. We create and maintain a network of successful family businesses through strong partnerships, exciting projects, and inspiring events.

EFFI is hosting the following events:

EBS Family Business Club - An EBS club that organizes events, mentoring, thesis collaborations, and company visits. The goal is to bring family business owners and students together.

EBS Leadership Impulse - Digital workshop series for entrepreneurs and executives from family businesses.

If you’d like to get involved, or join our community, get in touch.

+49 611 7102 1342
Burgstraße 5
65375 Oestrich-Winkel
Room: BV 1.19