Assistant professor

Tobias Gutmann

Research focus

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Venturing

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Tobias Gutmann teaches in the bachelor's and master's degree program in technology and innovation management as well as strategy consulting with a focus on emerging technologies, innovation management systems, processes, theories and governance as well as structured problem solving. He also leads the EBS Onboarding Project, a specialty of our Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, which gives students the opportunity to work with practitioners from companies on a large diverse case study. This includes many impulse lectures, interactive workshops, company presentations and visits as well as specialist lectures by EBS professors.


  • KORTUS, L., GUTMANN, T. (2023). How do firms build dynamic capabilities to develop sustainable products? A multiple case study in the manufacturing industry. Journal of Cleaner Production, 415, 137887. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2023.137887.
  • GUTMANN, T., CHOCHOIEK, C., CHESBROUGH, H. (2023). Extending Open Innovation: Orchestrating Knowledge Flows from Corporate Venture Capital Investments. California Management Review, 65 (2), 45-70. doi:10.1177/00081256221147342.
  • GUTMANN, T. (2023). Organizational Design Choices for Corporate Incubators. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 1-15. doi:10.1109/TEM.2023.3265511.
  • PUNDZIENE, A., GUTMANN, T., SCHLICHTNER, M., TEECE, D. (2022). Value Impedance and Dynamic Capabilities: The Case of MedTech Incumbent-born Digital Healthcare Platform. California Management Review, 64 (4). doi:10.1177/00081256221099.
  • FUCHS, C., GUTMANN, T. (2022). “We know our customers!” ... Really? How technical market segmentation can help build products your customers really need. IEEE Engineering Management Review, 1-1. doi:10.1109/EMR.2022.3140715.
  • GUTMANN, T., LANG, C. (2022). Unlocking the magic of corporate-startup collaboration: How to make it work. IEEE Engineering Management Review. doi:10.1109/EMR.2022.3158490.
  • FELS, G., KRONBERGER, M., GUTMANN, T. (2021). Revealing the underlying drivers of CVC performance - a literature review and research agenda. Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurship Finance, 23 (1), 67-109. doi:
  • SCHÜCKES, M., GUTMANN, T. (2021). Why do startups pursue initial coin offerings (ICOs)? The role of economic drivers and social identity on funding choice. Small Business Economics, 57 (2), 1027-1052. doi:10.1007/s11187-020-00337-9.
  • GUTMANN, T., KANBACH, D., SELTMAN, S. (2019). Exploring the benefits of corporate accelerators: investigating the SAP Industry 4.0 Startup Program. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 17 (3), 218-232. doi:10.21511/ppm.17(3).2019.18.
  • GUTMANN, T. (2018). Harmonizing corporate venturing modes: an integrative review and research agenda. Management Review Quarterly, 69 (2), 121-157. doi:10.1007/s11301-018-0148-4.

  • SHANKAR, R. K., SCHÜCKES, M., GUTMANN, T. (2021). Heterogeneity in search and investment behavior among corporate venture capital units. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2021 (1).
  • SCHMUECK, K., SCHÜCKES, M., MOELLERS, T., GUTMANN, T., GASSMANN, O. (2021). Aligning Platform Ecosystems through Distributed Ledger Technologies. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2021 (1).
  • LANG, C., SELIG, C., GUTMANN, T., ORTT, R., BALTES, G. (2021). Guiding through the Fog: Understanding Differences in the Goal Setting of Corporate Entrepreneurship Programs. IEEE (9570217), pp. 1-9.
  • FELS, G., SCHÜCKES, M., GUTMANN, T. (2020). Buffering and bridging under institutional complexity - A configurational approach towards CVC. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2020 (1).

  • KREUTZER, M., KORTUS, L., CHOCHOIEK, C., GUTMANN, T. (2023). Walk the Talk: Rebalancing Control Configurations to Implement Sustainability Strategies. the 42nd Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society in Toronto (Canada).
  • KORTUS, L., GUTMANN, T., KREUTZER, M. (2022). Exploring Role Dynamics During Ecosystem Emergence: Empirical Insights Into an Innovation Ecosystem. SMS 42nd Annual Conference.
  • FELS, G., GUTMANN, T. (2021). Buffering and bridging under institutional complexity-A configurational approach towards CVC. 37th EGOS Colloquium. 37th EGOS Colloqium.
  • GUTMANN, T., ECKBLAD, J., STUBNER, S. (2018). Making sense of smart capital: Defining a comprehensive set of value-adding services offered by corporate venture capital firms. G-Forum 2018, 22nd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs..

  • GUTMANN, T., LINNEMÜLLER, A., ENDRES, J., WÖDL, A. S. (2023). Der Weg zur erfolgreichen Einführung datengetriebener Geschäftsmodelle.
  • GUTMANN, T., FELS, G., DITSCHE, J., ENGELS, F., KLEIPASS, U. (2021). Corporate Venture Capital. Securing Growth in challenging times.

  • GUTMANN, T., MAISCH, B. (2021). Corporate Venturing Praktiken im Intrapreneurship und das Potenzial von Corporate Venture Buildern. Von der Idee zum skalierbaren Business in 7 Schritten. In Prof. Dr. Rafaela Kraus, Tanja Kreitenweis, Dr. Brigita Jeraj Universität der Bundeswehr München (Eds.), Sammelband „Intrapreneurship – Unternehmergeist, Systeme und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten“. Springer.

  • GUTMANN, T., SATTELBERGER, T. (2023). Deutschland steckt in der Krise und spielt New Work. Handelsblatt.

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